So Hot in Herre

It’s been an exciting week at our house; Little Dude is learning how to crawl! I guess my new cardio is going to be running the vacuum, and chasing after him.

A baby’s first year is filled with so many milestones; first smile, rolling over, crawling, first word. For the mother, there are almost as many firsts. Since he is baby number three, there weren’t as many “parenting” milestones (that he can pee on me when he’s WEARING a diaper was a new one though), but I still celebrated my first run, my first outing with three kids, our first date night, and last Saturday, my first hot yoga session.

We have an amazing yoga studio nearby; Orlando Power Yoga, where they practice the style of power vinyasa yoga. The classes are fast-paced and performed in a room heated to about 90 degrees. I took classes before I got pregnant, so I was eager to get back to it.

Sara and I arrived early enough to get a good spot in the middle of the room, and once the door closed, I was in my own little world.

This type of yoga is the first with which I’ve really connected. It’s quick enough that I feel like I’m getting a good workout; and between the heat, the sweat and having to concentrate on my breathing to hold the postures, my mind really does clear. In other yoga classes, I would think about my grocery list, or what I wanted to do later. I felt like all that ommmmming and sighing was pretty silly. Not so for this class! I have to focus on my breathing. The sighing? Amazing. It truly feels as though I’m releasing toxins and stress and finding inner peace.

I could tell that my work with Trainer Jen is paying off. Postures that require more upper body strength were easier for me than they’ve been in the past. I actually held crow for about 2 seconds, which has never happened before! I can’t wait to go back.

Hot mess mamas after yoga.

Hot mess mamas after yoga.

My other first this week was an early morning run. Like, before 6am early. Dude doesn’t sleep through the night yet, and my middle girl is an early riser, so I am usually up at 6. With coffee, the news (Facebook), and my couch, that is. Getting up an hour earlier to exercise was a bit of a challenge, but it felt terrific to sit down for coffee at 8am and realize that my run was done.

Sara wrote about her first hot yoga experience and offered some yoga etiquette tips on her blog, The Classy Crafter. Check it out!

Any firsts for you this week? Where do you like to stand for group fitness classes? The front, middle or back? Have you tried power yoga? Are you are early morning runner? Any tips for me?

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