Recipe Box: Vic’s summer salad

I’m obsessed with avocado. And black beans. And salad. In the summer months, I often throw together a salad a-la-random-things-in-my-fridge.

But I often come back to one recipe, which started as a recommendation of salad ingredients from a friend and has been tweaked over recent years.

20130818-190203.jpgNom Nom Nom

Here’s what you need:

Romaine lettuce – half a head, washed and chopped
Cherry tomatoes – halved
Red onion – chopped, maybe a 1/4 cup. A little goes a long way
Corn – one ear, cut off cob (frozen will work as well)
Peas – half package of frozen peas, cooked then rinsed
Avocado – chopped

Topped with lemon juice, salt and freshly-ground pepper to taste.

Hand mix it all. That’s right, get your hands in there and dirty.

My above list is really a basic starting point – delete an item you don’t like or don’t have on hand. Try a different kind of beans or add a cucumber. Last week I made this same salad minus the onion and beans and instead added chicken.

The idea is to keep it light and tasty with an avocado base.


Are you a salad muncher? What ingredient must be included in your go-to summer salad? Tell us in the comments!