Big Life Update!

It’s official. We’re moving.

When Clay left for MOS school, we knew that the likelihood of us staying in the DMV was slim – we thought maybe there was a chance he could get assigned to Quantico, but we weren’t counting on it. Truthfully, though, we were excited about the opportunity to go somewhere new.

And now? We’ll be packing up our little home in Virginia and making our way across the country to Camp Pendleton in Southern California just in time to ring in 2019!
We have two months to get all of our things in order before we hit the road and our schedule is already packed. The next couple of months are full of fun and fitness and packing. Lots of packing. And then lots of driving.

The last time I moved cross-country, I had no furniture, one car, Alaska plates, and way less STUFF.

This is the first PCS for both of us, so there’s a pretty steep learning curve involved. I’ve moved myself across the country three times, but never on military orders (and all that goes with them) and never with a pet. Or with actual furniture for that matter. This time is definitely going to be a bit of an adventure.

My life has become focused on getting over one hurdle at a time. This week is work travel and once I get through that, it’s just two more weeks until Clay gets home, and then we’re taking it week by week, going over our lists, making new ones, checking things off.

Until Clay gets home, though, what I’m mostly doing is purging junk from our house and making LOTS of lists. It’s soothing. Keeps my brain from getting cluttered and helps me remember all the little random tasks that cross my mind when I’m trying to fall asleep at night – lists also help keep me out of the Panic Spiral. Most of the time anyways.

All I can say is thank goodness for FaceTime and regular calls with my PIC, because otherwise I’d be going a little nuts.

Boyfriend, husband. Same same.

Here’s to new adventures!!

6 thoughts on “Big Life Update!

  1. We just PCSd from NM to NY with no notice (4 weeks lol) 2 kids, 2 pets, and a giant truck hauling all our stuff and towing our other car… was exhausting. Sending all the good weather travel vibes to you!

    • Oh lordt. That does sound exhausting. I’m glad we have so much time to get our ish together… but we’re shipping our other car, I think, which I’m less than thrilled about. Gah! Here’s hoping winter weather stays away!!

    • Thank you, love! I will miss being just a couple of hours away from you, but I think this just means a bi-coastal Scoot reunion will have to happen. Maybe somewhere in the middle. Like Colorado. AHEM JENN.

  2. Good luck to you and Clay! Being from California originally, I’m jealous that you get to go there. San Diego is beautiful. I love cross-country road trips. While this is a stressful time in your life, it’s a wonderful exciting change. I’m very happy for you guys and wish you all the best.

    • Thank you so much! I love road trips as well – it will definitely be interesting getting to do it with our cat. I’m looking forward to something new!

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