Hey, I’m Ashley and I love food. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me in real life, follows me on any type of social media, or if you have read any of my other posts.

Crunchy things are my weakness. Ice cream is my soulmate. Pizza is my best friend.

You get the picture, right?

How did the internet get this footage of me?

It’s so easy to sit on the couch and grab a bag of chips or popcorn and just munch away, not worried about portion size or calories. I’m guilty of it, even as I’ve been trying to be on this “healthy lifestyle”. I can often be found sneaky chips and crackers and other delicious things late at night knowing the only person I’m actually hiding from is myself. It’s ridiculous!

Lately I’ve been trying SO HARD to do better with my eating habits. It’s definitely working, but not without a little change in my thinking. This definitely includes snacks.

Instead of grabbing chips or something salty, I’ve been binging on fruits and veggies. Of course, sometimes you need a little bit more to go with those fruits and veggies…because that stuff gets boring real fast.

I’m obsessed with this little cuties. The amount of them I eat might be embarrassing if they weren’t so delicious.

I’ve been toying around with Greek yogurt (yuck) and have found that it’s tolerable when I put a lot of different stuff in it. It might sound crazy, and you’re probably thinking why don’t I just eat stuff I like? Well, I’m trying very hard to stick to my plan, so that means I need to get creative.

These three things and a dash of cinnamon…

…make for a delicious fruit dip!


Greek yogurt is a great breakfast food time. Of course, I like to mix in bananas, cocoa powder, and sometimes even a little natural sweetener because it isn’t something I can eat by itself. For veggies, I use the yogurt and a packet of ranch season to make a super light dip. So many things to do with it!

You might be able to guess by now that I also love dips of all kinds. Hummus and carrot sticks, crackers, or cucumbers is always filling… BUT, WAIT.

Did y’all know that chocolate hummus is a thing? Because it is and it ain’t half bad.

Get on this.

These are just a few things that I’m obsessed with right now. Also: mushy bananas because those are the best.

And coffee.

Is coffee a snack?

Anyway, if you have any tips or delicious treats you love, let me know! I’m always on the lookout for new things!

4 thoughts on “Snaaaaaacks

  1. Okay, I need to find the chocolate hummus. Also, I was with you right up until you said mushy bananas. Then… no. Who are you?

  2. OMG, Kyle and I had the chocolate hummus back when Philly Chocolate Tours were a thing (which I won from you all – that was so amazing)… It is amazeballs, and I don’t even like hummus.

  3. Definitely find Lantana hummus–it is NOT made from chickpeas. My favorite is the sriracha carrot.

    Also check out the Better Bean company’s products. They sell ready to eat beans in the refrigerated section. This makes it super simple to heat some beans and heat some little corn tortillas (maybe with cheese…) and have a mini burrito filled with flavor and protein.

  4. I love hummus, so good! I tend to have it with carrots a lot. Apple slices are great, another favorite.
    I’m big on protein shakes too. I can take a scoop and put it in 8oz of water for about 100 calories. Filling and good!

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