Decided Not to be Stupid

Filing this in: when things don’t go as planned.

I have a problem with letting things go.

I acknowledge this. I like when my life goes according to plan. Type A, 100%. When I say that I’m going to do something, I do. No questions asked.

Even if I’m struggling; even if it’s miserable. Even when I am miserable.

I’m supposed to be lining up to run the AC April Fools 1/2 marathon right at this very moment.

But I’m not.

The past week I’ve been dealing with a very sore neck and to be honest, my training hasn’t been what it should be for a half marathon.

In the past I would have pushed through and run anyway but recently, I’ve realized that sometimes – it’s just not worth it. I don’t have anything to prove and there’s no shame in making the smart decision.

The Type A part of me sheds a tear because I’ve run this race since its inception in 2012, on my 35th birthday.

2012 – Cam’s first half marathon

And the next year with wonderful college friends.


And then this AMAZING crew came from all over the country in 2014.

Miss Demeanor, Miss Chief, Miss Print, Miss Behavin’, Miss Fit, Miss Creant, Miss Placed

It’s where these epic costumes happened, with these equally epic people.


It’s where Chrissy and I train for many of our races together, including this one in 2016, when the weather was so awful we weren’t sure we were going to make it to the finish.

Last year was the year that I gained an 8 minute PR at this race. It was also the first time I ever run the course completely alone, which is not usually how I operate when it comes it running.

When I tweeted about the possibility of a DNS earlier this week, Lisa (@runslikemud) said she’s heard it should stand for Decided Not to be Stupid.

This applies here.

I made the decision to pull myself from this event and it is absolutely for the best. For those who are out there today, getting it done – I hope that the miles are good to you, as is the weather.

I’ll be back in AC for the new 5 mile Bungalow Beach Run in June and I’m sure many more races. But for now, I’m going to rest, recuperate, and look ahead to the next.

(And stay off Facebook because many local friends are running and it still hurts my heart a little.)(Baby steps, okay?)

8 thoughts on “Decided Not to be Stupid

  1. One of the very best thing you can do is listen to your body Meredith…….it is one race. I think what you do is amazing…….will never understand why so many folks love to run since I am pretty much a couch potato……but I admire the stamina it takes to do it!

    • Thank you so much, Jean. I know that I need to remind myself that it’s just a race and there will be so many more – as long as I take good care of myself. That’s the number one goal. Today was not a good day for me to be out there and I fully realize that! <3

  2. Smart over injuring further. It sucks, but you definitely did the right thing. And now you’ll make it to meet up with me another day for another run. THANK YOU for the race recc – despite sucky weather, it was still fun and I enjoyed the course! My BFF and I immediately decided that we’d do it again, but next time we’d stay down Saturday evening, for a MUCH later wake up and not driving 4 hours in one day!!

    • I am so glad you ladies enjoyed it! When you sign up again, you can just stay here and we can drive in together (it’s only about an hour from here!).

      • I will certainly keep you in the loop when I do! I have a runner/friend who moved down to Tabernacle recently as well, so if i can talk her into it at some point she might be a good half way point too 🙂

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