Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon 2017

Going into the Fort Lauderdale A1A half marathon, I had two goals. Have fun and get it done!

I can say, without a doubt, mission accomplished.

But of course, there’s a story that goes along with every race and this one is no exception.

This race was a last minute add in my established race schedule. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take a last minute trip to Florida in celebration of my 12 year old’s birthday. He had big fishing plans. I had big relaxing on the beach and by the pool plans.

However… my parents live in Pompano Beach and they have been pushing this race since they watched the marathoners run past their house in years past.

And just like that, I was signed up for the A1A half! Now, I haven’t been actively training for the half marathon distance but I knew that I could go into it with the expectation of just enjoying the run and soaking it all in.

My mom was my personal chauffeur for the weekend and she made sure I got to and from both the expo and race without having to think about logistics. Isn’t that half the battle when it comes to planning for race day? I’m so grateful for her!

We visited the expo on Friday afternoon, right as it opened. My expo experience was quick and easy. It had great embellishments like a wrapped Lexus with all of the runner’s names, as well as a wall from Dick’s Sporting Goods that had the names of the runners.

We were asked to write on the wall why we run.

The bib pickup was at the back of the hall and was arranged by last name. A photo ID was required for pick up and there was a bit of a line but it moved along. The t-shirts were at the next table over – separated by men and women cuts.

I’ll be honest, the shirt sizing feels off, which is a nothing new to me. I was going to inquire about switching up a size but there was a sign that said that shirts could only be switched on race day. I didn’t plan on carrying a shirt with me to the race so, oh well. Sticking with it! Along with the shirts we also got a goody bag filled with lots of things from the race sponsors and coupons.

There was a heat advisory for the day of the race. Race organizers did a great job of keeping everyone informed through email and posts to Facebook. I was surprised that they don’t have more of a presence on Twitter, since that’s something I’m used to with big races. Given that it was going to be so warm, I made sure to hydrate the day before the race and planned to stop at every water station.

The race was schedule to begin at 6am, which meant that I set my alarm for 4am. Super mom was able to drop me about a block from the start line (because she’s awesome). I assumed that she would drive home and then come get me later, after the race. Instead she parked her car nearby and stayed for the entire race. (Again, because she’s awesome!)

At local races I’m usually able to walk around and stumble upon people I know but in Florida I was in a sea of unfamiliar faces. I knew a few of the BibRave Pros were going to be at the race so I shone the bat signal into the sky (aka – I sent a message out on social media) and soon Samantha found me! I can’t even tell you how great it was to see a smiling face in the crowd of people.

@nacole99 and @scootadoot selfie time!

After the Star Spangled Banner was performed on saxophone (that was something different from the norm!), it was time to join the self-seeded corral.

I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to be setting any records, so originally I placed myself near the 2:45 half pacer and figured I would see if I could hang with him for awhile (thanks for being so welcoming, Gary!). We started to run, people waiting to start the Susan G. Komen run were cheering along the chute, and I had a smile on my face.

And then, 2/10 of a mile in, this happened…

What the what?! Dumbfounded. I think that’s the right word to describe exactly how I felt as I just watched more and more and more of the train slowly make its way down the tracks. Should I pause my watch? Keep it going? Is this train ever going to end? 

You could feel the tension in the crowd as we watched the train crawl by.

Unimpressed faces, all around.

Thankfully the race organizers decided to bring everyone that was stopped by the train back to the start and we were able to begin the race again. There was an audible collective sigh of relief when they walked through the crowd to reel us back in.

Walking the wrong way across the start line…

As we started again, they played Quad City Dj’s “C’Mon ‘N Ride It (The Train)” and I couldn’t help but laugh. I already had it in my mind that I was just going to have to roll with whatever this race threw at me and this just confirmed it. 13.1 (13.3?) we’re coming for you!

The first couple of miles were along Las Olas Blvd., a cute little shopping district. Since we wound up starting a half hour later than planned the sun was coming up and it was warming considerably.

The first water stop was short on volunteers I wonder if they thought that the runners had all passed through with the first wave of people that made it before the train. The volunteers that were there hustled to make sure that everyone got cups of water. I was very grateful for them!

Just before mile 3, my mom was waiting by a drawbridge and I was so happy to see her along the course! I got a little teary-eyed as I continued along on my way but then reminded myself that I needed to stop so I didn’t dehydrate myself, especially as we turned onto A1A, right along the beach.

The sun was strong and I was looking for some sort of respite. Thankfully, right past mile 4, we turned into Hugh Taylor Birch Street Park and its beautiful canopy of trees. Whew!

2 miles in the shade – YES PLEASE!

We looped through the park and eventually came out around the area we entered.

I was very impressed with throughout the entire race was the flow of things. Even though the runners were on the road, they had some lanes open to cars. There were police and other volunteers stationed at each intersection and I felt safe the entire race.

Around mile 7 I was getting a bit more sluggish and decided to switch from 2:1 intervals to 1:1 intervals. That was a good decision on my part and pushed me through the second half of the race. On the way to the turnaround I saw both Christine and Samantha in their BibRave shirts. Always great to see familiar faces!

I bopped to my music, thanked every volunteer I saw, pressed on multiple signs for a power boost, pet dogs, and oh, stopped at the unofficial beer station!

Sure, I’ll drink your beer random strangers! Please and thank you!

I believe that the beer station was around mile 11 and by this time, I was ready to be done. It was humid and hot and my glasses were fogging.

I knew my mom was ahead and that thought kept me running with my 1:1 intervals. Also, this view!

Annoyingly, even though I used Glide, I knew I was chafing in multiple locations. You know, naturally in all the places that I forgot to apply the Glide.

Around mile 12, I spotted my mom once again and I was so very happy to see her! I handed off my iPod and focused on finishing the last mile.

There were a multitude of photographers on the course and they snagged nearly 20 pictures of me through the race! Even though it wasn’t a fast race for me, I actually purchased the pictures because I look like I’m having a blast in nearly every single one of them. And I was! The double thumbs up was strong this race.

The finish line was a little confusing because there was a Publix inflatable we ran under and then a bit further up the actual finish line. I just kept running until I saw the timing mats and medal racks!

I see the finish line! I think! Maybe?

The medals for this race are completely different each year and I love the beautiful stingray design of this one!

Plus, it opens like a locket to reveal more beauty.

The finish line party was impressive! Tons of vendors giving away lots of drinks and food. I was all about the hydration so after grabbing water, I also chugged a chocolate milk, and then beer with my momma (although even I couldn’t drink it all)!

I’m so grateful I had the chance to run this race! Even though it was hot and I thought I was melting, it reminded me how much fun I can have while running. It was a bucket filler race and I’m so glad that I did it!

Next on my race agenda is the Haddonfield Adrenaline 5k back here in good ol’ New Jersey. What is on tap for you?

25 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon 2017

  1. Omg I heard about the train situation but reading about it here and seeing the video was something else!! It’s hilarious but that would have stressed me out so much inthe moment! That’s cool they let everyone start over!

    • It was insane and there were quite a few stressed out people as well watched the train go by! I was trying to calculate in my head how much time it was going to add to my race when they came through the crowd, telling us we were going to start again. Very grateful they made that decision and we’re able to adjust the starting times too!

  2. Great recap of the race! I have always wondered about the train situation. I try to usually hustle through and beat the train before it comes so I don’t get stopped. I’m glad everyone was able to restart. I would have been upset had I not been able to. That medal is gorgeous! 🙂 I love medals that you can open up.

    • From a post on Facebook the race said that they had a permit that said there would be no trains coming through until after 7:30am but apparently it was overrode somewhere along the way. Absolutely bananas!

      This medal is seriously one of my favorites. It’s gorgeous, well made, and I can’t wait to hang it near my treadmill (still working on that part!).

    • I remember hearing about a train during a race a few years ago but never really thought it would happen to me! That train conductor was having FUN with the horn too.

      The beer was absolutely amazing – it was just a small cup and exactly what I needed. It was even cold!

  3. I want to fly there to run this race someday JUST for that locket-style medal! Absolutely gorgeous and so unique! Your race pictures turned out so well and I’m glad you did purchase some 🙂 Having someone to chauffeur you around for the race and afterwards is half the battle. Great race & report!

    • I don’t know if they do the locket style every year but I’m looking back at past medals for the race and they seem to do them often (but not always!). Generally speaking, they are all gorgeous though! I am so happy with the race pictures and I can honestly say I usually say how much I hate them so that’s saying something. 😉

      I wish my mom could still chauffeur me everywhere! It was very reminiscent of when I was a kiddo.

  4. What a gorgeous medal!

    Thank goodness the race organizers decided to restart you guys. I would have just lost it.

    I go to Fort Lauderdale frequently, so I’ve run in that little park. It’s a nice little park and if you’re lucky you get to see some animals.

    • The restart was the best possible option in the situation! I’m so glad that’s what they went with.

      That park was so lovely! We saw something in the water while we were running and we were guessing it was a manatee… or an alligator. We liked the idea of a manatee more so we went with that. 😉

  5. That story about the train is hilarious! Thank goodness it happened so early into the race! What if it came at mile 6?

    I’d love to do this race–I love racing in Florida. Funny that your mom talked you into it. My mom did that to me with a race in Door County Wisconsin, where they spend their summers!

    • I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if the train was later on! Absolute insanity. I’m pretty sure if the drawbridge went up while we were running, people would have thrown themselves into the water and swam. 😉

      My parents were very excited to tell everyone in their building that THEIR DAUGHTER was running in the race. Everyone we met in the elevator knew that I was “the one running”!

  6. Great race recap…that is bizarre about the train, I can’t imagine having to walk back to restart but at least you were close enough. Great blog too…I just joined the BRP team and am enjoying discovering everyone’s blogs and websites in the community.

    • Thanks for swinging by here, James and welcome to the BRP team! It was truly a surreal experience when a good portion of the racers all turned around and headed back to the start but you always have to look on the bright side – we were VERY close to the start. I’m laughing about it now and I hope that many others are too.

  7. Train! Ah! I bet it was a Canadian rail haha they always used to stop my train ride back to college because their schedule overrides anything.

    How fun of a race, minus the heat! The medal looks awesome, and a good representation of a great race.

    • TRAIN. I just, it was crazy and while I am stopped often by the train (and drawbridges) when visiting my parents, the thought of it happening during a race was foreign to me!

      I’m grateful I was able to be out there and enjoying it!

  8. Nice job powering through! It was really a tough, hot day!

    My shirt seemed to run small, too. Race shirts almost always run big so I was disappointed that this one is too small for me to wear. I love your photo of the medal; it’s really a gorgeous one, isn’t it?

    • It was seriously a tough race as far as the weather was concerned but I’m so glad that I did it!

      I was disappointed by this race shirt too – I just wish that there was a a standard for these things. I do love the medal! Next time we’ll have to try and find one another!

  9. Great job getting it done despite the train and the heat! And yay mom, what a great cheerleader she is! We love her. It looks like you had a great time.

    Would you do this one again, with me? This one has been on my bucket list for a few years because of the medals, and it sounds like it was a great overall race experience. But best of all we’d be together. Plus, FL in February.

    • I would absolutely love to do this race with you, Jenn! The medals are fantastic, as is the course, AND we could stay with my parents. SCORE!!! Florida in February was exactly what I needed!

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