Another Great Run

And again, this post will not be about running. And anyone who has been reading my posts for a while won’t be surprised.

About 15 months ago, I posted about my blogging days coming to an end, and you guys, and my fellow Chicks, were the awesomest, wishing me well on my journey.

And then about a year ago, I posted about how I apparently wasn’t out of things to say, and you all were even awesomer, welcoming me home with open arms.

I’m so glad I came back for another year. I got to post about some things I’m super passionate about, like eating local, summer foods, walking, my half marathon plans and my never-ending quest for balance. I got to Secret Santa with my fave ladies. I got more time with all of you!

It was another great run.

I don’t know about all good things coming to an end, but this one is, for me. I’m hanging up my blogging hat today. It’s hard to put into words exactly WHY. It just feels like the right time, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s to go with what feels right.

Thank you for reading my random musings for the last three + years. Scoot has been an amazing experience for me, and I’ll miss it a lot.





7 thoughts on “Another Great Run

  1. Love you Pam. Even if you’re not HERE per se, you’ll always be here. In my heart. And eating LOBSTAH and finding CT.

    • Thanks Kate! I’m sure at some point, I’ll find my words again. Until then, there’s always trips to Salem for brunch!

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