If I Could Turn Back Time


(Feel free to hum along with me. This will now be stuck in my head for days).

Remember back in 2002, when Cher announced her ‘Farewell Tour’? And then it was popular, so she kept adding more shows? And it went on for years? And then she was still around, so it wasn’t even like a real farewell?

Do you think she felt a little silly and overdramatic for her exit theatrics, or wished she’d given more thought to calling it a ‘farewell’ tour?

Probably. (#relatable)

Now, I’m no Cher. I don’t have any ‘cheeky’ tattoos or a fishnet body stocking. I don’t have an Oscar. Or an Emmy. Or a Grammy. But, I do share (HAHA, GET IT) a few things with the singly named, raven haired wonder.

We like the same people.


We change our hair a lot.

Cher hairMe hair

And we both mayyyyy have a slight flair for the dramatic at times. But, I could certainly be in worse company, right?

I remember when my mother-in-law retired for a the first time, years ago. I saw her a few weeks afterwards, and I ask if she was loving it. I expected her to say how much less stressed she was, how nice it was to have free time. Do you know what she said?

“I’m bored.”

I didn’t get it then. I have two kids and a full time job. What is this ‘bored’ thing?

I kind of get it now. Without blogging, I found myself bored. I also found myself watching a LOT of reality television. But mostly, I found myself thinking ‘oh, I should write a post about that… oh wait.” And, I missed you guys!

Don’t get me wrong, breaks are nice. And I didn’t spend the whole time watching Married at First Sight (and Arranged and 19 Kids and Counting and Teen Mom), just some of it.

I also used that time to get my head together in terms of what’s next in my health & fitness journey. I had been in a rut for a couple of years, and I really needed to step back and look at where I want to be, and how I want to get there.

I stopped going to Weight Watchers, and started tracking on My Fitness Pal (down 19 pounds, heck yes!). I went back to Zumba classes, took a yoga class, started walking again. I got my butt back in the kitchen and started doing meal prep. I did a lot of reading. And I’m working hard on the internal stuff, too. Loving me. Embracing today. Doing things that make me happy.

And being a chick makes me happy.

So, in short, sorry about that time I got all emotionally dramatic and prematurely announced my retirement. If I could turn back time…

7 thoughts on “If I Could Turn Back Time

  1. Shut up and come snuggle. We’ve been waiting for you.

    Seriously though, sometimes stepping back is needed to get a little perspective. Sometimes it’s the best thing for us. Welcome back!

    • *jumps in your lap* It’s so good to be back. Like, you always kind of know you can come home, but it’s still nice to KNOW it.

      love you girls <3

  2. welcome back! I found it very funny that Cher did not stop at all after that farewell tour. I’ve been confused about it for years. At least you addressed the situation :c)

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