Blogaversary Giveaway – We’re 3!

We love this time of year because we get to celebrate when it all started. And by all, I mean the silliness and fun and food and all the running. It started with the ladies below: Mer, Vic, Brooke, Cam, Jess, and Bec.


We’ve been here for three years now, and some things have changed. For instance, we’ve run a lot of races and earned a lot of medals.

medal Collage

We ran a lot of those races in costume. We really, REALLY like costumes. We might need an intervention.

Costume Collage

Most importantly, we’ve made some amazing friends and have been lucky enough to be a part of the best community in the world, the running community. You inspire us in so many ways, every day. You set your goal, you get out there, and you get it done. You push htrough pain, obstacles, and downward spirals in motivation, and yet you achieve and succeed. We are so proud of you because you. Are. Epic. Thank you for sharing your journeys with us.

friends Collage

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Because you’re so awesome, you deserve a present! We’ve put together a special prize package this year, including a medal rack handmade by yours truly, and some other fabulous stuff from brands we love to support.


This year’s giveaway includes a custom made medal rack with bib holder and chalkboard, a pair of size S/M PROCompression Socks, a KatieK Active headband and $25 gift certificate, a pair of YakTrax PRO size Medium, a SkirtSports Workout tank size large, a  collectible Disney Vinylmation Mickey Figurine, and a Blistex lip care pack.

To enter, click the Rafflecopter Link below. Good luck!!


Click here to enter!

The giveaway runs from 2/29/16 – 3/7/16 and is open to United States residents who live in the contiguous 48 states only. Winner will be notified by email on 3/7/16 and has 24 hours to claim their prize. If not claimed in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen. 

32 thoughts on “Blogaversary Giveaway – We’re 3!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for bringing fun content that I can relate to 🙂 I love that, as a fellow runner, you are able to offer so many different perspectives, not your typical running blog!

    • <3 Thanks so much for that comment, we feel the diversity is what set us apart. We try really hard to keep it real and unique. Thanks for spending time with us!!

  2. Happy anniversary! I loved seeing you ladies at April fools and running the biggest lose 5k in Jackson with Mer. Now that I’m in SC , I guess I’ll see you all less often 🙁

    • Awww, thanks Kim! It was great to meet you, too! We are so inspired by you; I’ve been watching your Fitbit 10k a day streak on Instagram and am so proud of you! Rock it, girl!

    • Thank you! That fact that we live in different parts of the country and each have a unique voice is one of our favorite things about us, too. 🙂

  3. I enjoy your blog because you are real…you put it all out there good and bad. Thanks and happy Anniversary

  4. Happy anniversary! Love that there’s multiple contributors and perspectives on the blog! Also cool to see products/reviews as I’m always looking for the next piece of running gear I can’t live without

    • Thanks Kristina! We love to support your shopping habits! 🙂 Thanks for spending some of your time in our little corner of the internet. <3

  5. I’ve SO enjoyed following your blog for nearly a year now and even getting to meet and run with some of your bloggers 🙂 I like the product reviews you do, too. I’ve bought both the Katie K capris (which i absolutely LOVE) and the compression socks.

    • Thanks Rachel! We’ve so enjoyed having you here! I’m glad you like the product reviews; aside from being given the free product to try we are not compensated for our reviews. We like to keep it real. 😉 Best of luck winning the giveaway!

  6. Thank you for the energy and candidness of the blog! You being a lovely and inspiring realness to the blogosphere!

    I hope to meet some of you someday, out in the race course. I live in Maine and I run a lot with Team in Training and I always carry enough twizzlers to share.

  7. Happy 3rd blogaversary! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I will admit, I catch your posts via FB or IG, but I intend on visiting the blog directly more in the future, and I do hope I get to meet you at a race soon! Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  8. Thanks Amanda! We would love to meet at a race, hopefully it will happen one day. 🙂 Thank you for following us on social media, we love to connect in whatever way works for you. Best of luck in the giveaway!

  9. I’m a runner so of course I enjoy the content of your blog, reviews, race information and of course the giveaways. Congrats on 3 years, great accomplishment!

    • Thank you! We’re thrilled you enjoy the content and spend time with us here. Good luck with the giveaway!

    • Thanks Jessica! We’re so happy to see you here, there, and everywhere! Thanks for following along. Good luck with the giveaway!

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