Four Gifts from Three Chicks

Have you all heard about the ‘4 present rule’? I’ve seen this around the internet a couple times over the last few years, and I’m very intrigued!

Basically, the idea is that each person gets 4 gifts, one each from the following categories:

Something you want

Something you need

Something to wear/Something warm

Something to read

Does anyone do this? Is it as amazing as it sounds? Tell me everything!

While chatting with the chicks about this, we decided to make lists of our own for you. Not for things that we would want to get, but things we would want to give, in those categories. So, here you have it, our wish list of giving!


Something You Want (to give): Two words. Camp. Throwback. Have you ever, as an adult, been jealous of the kids as they head of to sleepaway camp? ME TOO! Camp Throwback is the answer. While I have yet to make this a reality, I will someday, and if I could give you a gift to help you refind your silly, fun, a little wild side, this would so be it.

Something You Need (to give): I thought of a few charities that are close to my heart, but what I really NEED to give isn’t exactly a charity. It’s more a message. There’s been a lot of talk this year about body positivity, and not all of it is, well, positive. And frankly, that’s just bullshit (I’m looking at you, Nicole Arbour).

Here’s the deal. Every one of you is beautiful…worthy…powerful. No ifs, ands or buts/butts about it. Love yourself, without condition. Just the way you are, right this very second. You deserve that. You are beautiful.

Now go spread that around. Other people need it, too.

Something Warm: Isn’t it funny how mittens have become such an old school thing? I LOVE MITTENS. I mean, gloves are great and all, and probably more functional in day to day living, but still, mittens are amazing. And these mittens from L.L. Bean? So warm and snuggly. It’s like a hand hug. Which sounds creepier than I imagined.

Something to Read: Brittany Gibbons is the WOMAN (the camp I just talked about? She started it). I’ve followed her blog for years, so when I say she had a book coming out, I couldn’t wait. Fat Girl Walking was better than I could have hoped for. Not only was it laugh out loud funny, but it touched me in a million ways, and let me know, once and for all, that yeah, there are other moms, and other women, that think the things I think. Plus, right now? $1.99 on Kindle. SCORE.


Something You Want (to give): San Diego Zoo Safari Park Roar and Snore.  Basically, you get to spend the night at the zoo.  I want us all to go to the adult night.  I went for my birthday in September and it was amazing!  

Something You Need (to give): I’ve lived here in the Inland Empire my whole life and I attend grad school at Cal State San Bernardino.  The shootings in San Bernardino have been especially jarring, because they literally happened right around the corner.  By a man who grew up in my city.  Everyone I know is linked to someone who was lost or injured on that day.  I have a desperate need to give to the families of those lost.  

Something Warm: Alpaca socks! These are adorable.  


Something to Read:Women who Run with the Wolves.” I first heard about this book when I went to the Wild Women Sisterhood gathering in North Carolina.  It’s a game changer, my friends.   



Something You Want (to give): two words: Momentum Jewelry. Not just because I’m an ambassador, although that certainly doesn’t hurt. I seriously love this jewelry. Positive messages, good vibes, and sure to make others smile.


Something You Need (to give): We are big fans of giving to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and do so as a family through the year.

During the holidays there is a giving tree at our gym so we love to help make other children’s holidays merry and bright.

Something Warm: On the same note as the giving tree above, my son’s school has a mitten tree. The idea is to donate mittens, scarves, and hats for children. We picked some cute ones from Old Navy.

Something to Read: I haven’t actually had much time to read books geared toward adults lately, however, I’ve been enjoying reading 20 minutes a night with my younger son. A few favorite authors are Mo Willems and Tedd Arnold.

What’s on your wish list this year? What would give in these categories? Do you think this idea is nuts, or totally brilliant? 

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