My New Favorite Thing

Okay you guys. I know what I’m about to say isn’t going to be earth shattering or even particularly mind-blowing to most (any) of you, but give me a break. I’m 26 and I’ve pretty much avoided any and all adulting up to this point in my life. At least all of the adulting that could be avoided.

Mostly the smart, forward-thinking kind. Like the “I’m going to plan my meals for the week so I know what groceries to buy and can budget for them” kind.

Well. I’m getting better at this. A little.

This is really not my fault, either. It’s my boyfriend’s fault. Sort of. His work schedule has been such that he has had zero time to make dinners or lunches, which would usually mean that he gets home and makes either a. crap for dinner or b. worse crap for dinner.

It’s bad. I’m talking “eats an entire box of Kraft Mac and cheese” bad, you guys.

So, in an effort to save the bf’s healthy physique and a little money along the way, I decided to start doing legitimate meal prep and make sure he had good food to eat for lunch and dinner all week.

I thought to myself “self, what is the easiest way to make a lot of food without a lot of work? Or ingredients?” And in my brilliance I remembered my crockpot – and hence my revelation.

The crockpot is perhaps the greatest kitchen tool ever invented.
I mean, really. I can throw four chicken breasts, an onion, some lime juice, some broth and cilantro in there, turn it on, and LEAVE IT ALONE FOR SIX HOURS. And when I come back? Magically, my entire apartment smells like dinner and I have enough food for a week. The hardest thing I have to do is shred the chicken? I’m in.

Thus far, I’ve made cilantro lime chicken, chicken fajitas, buffalo chicken and hawaiian pork. Okay, that’s a lot of chicken. Whatever, it’s good.

But I need more recipes and I can only stare at Pinterest for so long. So, this is my plea, friends. Send me your favorite crockpottery. Suggest all the things. We want to try them. Between my marathon training and his weightlifting, we need all the foodz.

We like healthy and delicious. Hit us with your best shot. Fire awayyyyyyyy.

13 thoughts on “My New Favorite Thing

  1. I will now commence to stalking this page so I can see the recipes that everyone posts. I’ll be teaching preschool again soon, at cross country practice 3/week and soccer 2/week. I have a feeling my crockpot and I are about to renew our relationship.

    • I love my boyfriend and all, but the crockpot and I are in a very committed relationship right now. It’s probably pretty one-sided, but I don’t even care.

  2. Since my boyfriend similarly doesn’t cook and I’m trying not to fail out of school this semester, I’m hopping aboard the crockpot (crackpot?!) train, too. New shared Pinterest recipe board, please?

    • YES. I’m starting one today. We will share all of of the crackpot recipes. And also we should have a double dinner date thing with homemade food and whatnot. Probably games, too. Or something. xoxoxoxo

  3. I’m going to echo Skinnytaste, here. If you love Faux-potle (aka Chi-faux-tle, aka make at home burrito bowls), the carnitas and barbacoa beef are both incredible. Also, the crockpot bolognese A) is some of the best sauce I’ve ever had and B) makes a metric ton, so you can freeze some for later. She’s also got a recipe on there for Crockpot Picadillo, which was nothing I’d ever heard of before I found the recipe on there, but homg, it is good.

    In non skinnytaste news, the best pot roast I’ve ever made was a south beach recipe (which isn’t always friends with paleo, but I think would be in this case). Just google South Beach Balsamic and Onion Pot Roast. And then make it. And then invite me over.

    Also, not for nothing, but you can make a darn fine Hot Buttered Rum in the crockpot. Yup.

    • You. You are my crockpot spirit animal. Come over for dinner whenever you please.

      I also now wish it to be Fall. Or Winter. So that hot buttered rum can be a thing in my life. Pronto.

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