It’s My Birthday and I’ll Giveaway If I Want To!


Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow I’m officially closer to 30 than to 20 – which I would complain about, but it would probably get me smacked, so I won’t. Tomorrow is my birthday! 26 big ones.


Sadly, there will be no watermelon cake this year.

Goodbye, parents’ health insurance. Hello, no more excuses for not actually adulting.

So, to celebrate this milestone day, I’m going to be Oprah. Or rather, I’ll be like Oprah. I’m pulling a reverse birthday and giving something to you all!

Remember how I’m a race ambassador for the Navy/Air Force Half Marathon? Well, one of those perks is that I have a free race entry to share with some lucky son of a gun.

naf half

Clicky-click the picture to enter the giveaway!

Help me celebrate my birthday and enter for your chance to win – and then come run with me in September!

Let’s run all the miles!

6 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Giveaway If I Want To!

  1. Now that my race plans have changed a little bit this fall, that’s a race I really would like to go. I entered!

    Happy 26th and enjoy the day!

  2. i just decided last week I wanted to make this my second half marathon! Would love to win this registration! Thanks for offering this, enjoy your birthday!!!

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