Shake out the Sugar

When I was in college, a friend of mine had a post-it note on her campus card. It said one word: NO.

I remember asking her about it; she explained it was her way of reminding herself not to use her card to buy cookies. And it worked because that girl did NOT buy cookies.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the word NO. It feels restrictive to me. Don’t tell me what I can’t do, tell me what I CAN do.

However… maybe a little restrictiveness could go the distance? Especially when it comes to food. Because I’ve gotta tell you, my pants are feeling a bit tighter than usual.

Self-control apparently went the way of the dodo during the month of December. And maybe a little bit of November too.

Okay, a lot of November.

I can’t even call them “holiday pounds” because these 8 pounds have been creeping on slowly over the fall/winter. I’m fully cognizant that when you don’t work out as much and “treat yo self” with goodies, your body says “Oh hey, I guess we need a little extra padding for the winter.”

We do not, body.

Kyle has had great success with the Whole 30 and it’s something I might consider in the future. For now, I’ve decided to try something a bit less restrictive than the Whole 30, yet still restrictive. Because apparently, I need some rules.


I created the graphic, not the challenge. However, if you DO know who created the challenge, give me a shout!

This is happening. Not today though. Because tomorrow I head to Florida for a few days of quality time with BROOKE, and for the Disney World half marathon. Starting today would just be cruel and unusual punishment for everyone involved.

Therefore, I’ll be starting the No Junk Food Challenge on Monday, January 12th. And when I say challenge, it’s definitely going to be because we have things like this in the house…


We “won” this movie basket. Oy!

The candy won’t be my biggest issue though. Oh, no no. My biggest vice is/has/and always will be ice cream. That will be the main challenge of the challenge. Also, not listed but something I’ve added in is alcohol. And that, will be a challenge because I like to enjoy wine with my dinner.

Apparently, I’m a creature of habit because I posted this exactly a year ago.

Meridith of a year ago knew what she was talking about and Meridith of today will be following the same mindset!

  • More water, less bazillion calorie drinks.
  • More homecooked, less takeout. More veggies, less cookies. Smaller meals throughout the day and smarter choices.
  • More movement, less non-movement.

When I put my mind to something and give myself parameters, I can and I will thrive! And so, it’s with that knowledge and a bit of restrictiveness that I move forward for the next month. Let’s see where I land! I’ll be checking in (accountability is a beautiful thing).

Bec and Brooke are joining me for this challenge. The more the merrier so if you’d like a couple of accountability partners, give a shout in the comments!

If you see me in Florida this weekend, and I happen to be eating ice cream, drinking wine, and trying a cronut for the first time (that’s not technically a donut – see totally starting early!), please try not to judge me too harshly. Also, come say hello and we can share!

What’s your game plan for the next 21 days? Have you ever tried a cronut? (I’m slightly intrigued by this phenomena but not really a donut person so I’m not sure I’ll like it.) Who should I look for at the Walt Disney World marathon weekend?

16 thoughts on “Shake out the Sugar

  1. Me!!! I was totally going to ask which of you ladies was coming this weekend. I hope we can get together. Oh and I will totally be partaking in the junk this weekend (carb loading right?) but hope to start eating better afterward too.

    • I hope I’ll see you down there too, Bonnie! And yes, it’s TOTALLY carb loading. I mean, this is a scientific fact! Let’s get this weekend accomplished and then kick ass with eating. 🙂

  2. Um, hello! No ICE CREAM for 3 weeks?! Or WINE?! I would cease to exist. It’d be ugly. Truly ghastly. And I’m on it too. As soon as I finish off the half gallon in my fridge. Damn you husband! STOP BRINGING HOME THE FRIGGIN’ MOOSE TRACKS, WILL YOU?!?!?

    • Kimberley, I know. I KNOW. Finish up that half gallon and then let’s get on this!!! (Or bring some to me in Orlando this weekend and I’ll “help” you!)

  3. Ice cream is my weakness as well. I’ll join you darling. I’m pretty good about avoiding *most* junk food – sans the doughnut holes that land next to my desk at the office and my obsession with oyster crackers. But I too will have to wait until after my upcoming Disney trip. xo

    • Oh, oyster crackers are so good to snack on. I feel you sister! But yes, we can conquer the sugar and make better decisions. Especially now that the holidays are over and there aren’t cookies in every direction. I’ll just IGNORE those cute little Girl Scouts I’m going to be seeing soon.

  4. Oh man, I have been treating myself like it’s my job since, July? Birth? Who knows. I’m trying to cut out as much junk as possible, and the goal for January is to limit myself to one glass of wine per week (so far so good on that one. The last drink I had was champagne at midnight on New Year’s). Giving up ice cream though, I don’t know if I can do that. Especially when it’s my Dad’s homemade stuff.

    • Hahaha! I mean, I’m always for a good “TREAT YO SELF” but I’m pretty sure what how I landed in this predicament in the first place. So I’ll treat myself with a trip to Florida and then it’s NOSE TO THE GRINDSTONE. I really like wine with dinner so that’s going to be hard to change up but I’m upping the water so much that I’m hoping I just don’t notice. Which really makes no sense when you think about it but I’ll just try not to think about it. 😉

      I got an ice cream attachment for my Kitchenaid… it’s still in the box.

    • So today is MY first official day but I know that some have already started and others are starting next week. So you do you, and start whenever it works best in your life! So far, so good today. But I did see a picture of ice cream and whimpered a little. 😉

  5. I’m in! I couldn’t count yesterday because before I decided to start, I finished my daughter’s donut for her. But then I went to the grocery store to stock up on fruits and veggies and arm myself with a few healthy alternatives. I’ll be following your journey and blogging about mine. Good luck at the Disney World 1/2!!!

    • YAY LEETRA! We can do this!!! Now that I’m home from the land of cronuts and margaritas, of course. 😉 I hit the grocery store this morning and stocked up on some healthy snacks and good eats for the next couple of days. I think that one of the things I really need to do more frequently is go to the grocery store so that I have fresh food in the house!

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