All I do is WIN – WIN Detergent review and giveaway

Dear Workout Clothes,

No offense but you stink.

No Love,



If you ask me what I’m doing, chances are that about 85% of the time, I’ll give you the same answer: LAUNDRY.

Friends, I do laundry more than I do basically anything else. If I’m not doing laundry, then I’m probably not at home. I wish I were kidding. But I’m not. The other Chicks can back me up on this (you know, if you need verification) because every single email that we exchange includes my laundry woes.

Lately, I’ve been pretty frustrated because while I’m constantly doing laundry, I haven’t felt like my workout clothes have been getting particularly clean. They seem to hold on to the stench of sweat, no matter what. Lovely, it is not. So when Fit Approach gave ambassadors a chance to check out WIN detergent, I was stoked!


Welcome to my lair, WIN.

So what’s the difference between the regular (blue) bottle and WIN GREEN? Both are good to use on technical apparel and are geared toward sports/workout clothes. The GREEN is hypoallergenic and dye-free, as well as fragrance free. That means that all of my husband’s and my workout clothes as well as my (sensitive skin) kiddo’s soccer uniform were thrown in there together. Additionally, I had some towels in there because, well, we were running low!


I’ve been using WIN detergent since the start of October. The verdict? I’ve been really pleased! The funk of my workout clothes has dissipated and I no longer feel like I smell bad BEFORE I start working out, which is always a positive.

The regular detergent gives the clothes a nice scent and while the GREEN doesn’t have a scent, I think that it’s cleaning my clothes and not masking odors.

I’ll continue using WIN and since it’s available through Amazon I don’t even need to leave my house to get it. Which is great, considering I always have laundry to do.

Want a chance to try WIN detergent? Well, I’m so glad to hear you do! We’ve got a bottle of the regular detergent and the GREEN up for grabs for one lucky reader. Don’t wait to wait to try WIN? Use the discount code WINGIVE1 for $1 off your purchase on Amazon. Cool? Cool!


Click the pic to enter!

 Thank you Fit Approach for the hook up! Other than the two bottles of detergent and the prize, no other compensation was given. All opinions (and laundry) are completely my own.

19 thoughts on “All I do is WIN – WIN Detergent review and giveaway

  1. Oh how I wish I could enter this giveaway, but alas. I’m glad to hear that Win was a WIN in your books (see what I did there?) I will definitely be giving it a whirl 🙂 xo

  2. I don’t have my own washer and dryer in my apartment, therefore I have to go the next building over and use the community laundry facility. I always feel like that is a PITA chore just because it takes up a good chunk of my day!

    • Here too. Those are my two never-ending chores, really. Although the dishwasher seems to be easier since there’s really only two steps involved. 😉 Laundry… well, there’s stairs involved and folding and the list goes on!

  3. I am constantly picking up after my kids. Sigh. They aren’t very good about putting toys away after they play with it. Trying to get them to be better at it.

    • What kind of dogs do you have? I’m always vacuuming after my one dog… not so much her hair but the dirt that she drags inside. And the toys that she rips apart. 😉

  4. The chore I feel as if I’m always doing is sweeping. I live on a dirt road with wood floors, and every day when the sun hits the floor I see the dirt from the dog or dust and feel the need to sweep!

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