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Fall is upon us and that means FALL RACING. Fall racing is, in my non-expert opinion, the best racing. Or, at the very least, the most comfortable racing! I’ve got the AC 10k/half and Philly, and I was looking for at least one more race to fill in the fall race schedule.

So, let me ‘fess up that there’s a race series I’ve been stalking since it first came into existence a few years ago.


For those of you who don’t follow my every move (basically everyone other than my mom – HI MOM!), I started my “running career” in 2011. After having my second kiddo it really kicked my fitness into a gear I hadn’t seen in many, many years.


I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, I don’t always particularly like running. I’ll be the first to admit that the benefits far outweigh the fact that I’m not always thrilled to be training.

However, I do love race day; I love the camaraderie with other like-minded individuals who will drag themselves out of bed before the sun and get out there to push, push, push themselves. I think what speaks to me most is that while we are all at different levels and all at different parts of our journeys… every person out there is putting themselves first and bettering themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been (not so) patiently waiting for this race series to come my way. Last year there was an event in Erie, PA but that’s still a good seven hour drive from my house which isn’t exactly a hop, skip, and a jump away!

This year, the Biggest Loser RunWalk is coming to the Garden State! They’ve teamed up with Six Flags theme parks and will be at Great Adventure on November 2nd. Huzzah!

As soon as I heard the news, I contacted them. Well, wait, no… first I did a happy dance around the living room. Then I reached out to them and as fast as you can say “Bob’s your uncle” (wouldn’t that be the coolest? I love Bob!), I’m doing the 10k! Hello, favorite race distance!

What’s more is that my 9-year-old, Pooks, and I are avid watchers of the Biggest Loser and I was really excited to see that there’s a Kids Fun Run. Pooks will be doing the mile run; he can’t wait another kids race (and get a finishers medal)! He has also requested that he has a starring role on the blog. No one can deny he’s my son.


The metaphoric cherry on top of the sundae (of course it’s a metaphor – this is the Biggest Loser we are talking about here, there are no sundaes to be had) is that some of my all time favorite Biggest Loser contestants will be there: Dan and Jackie, Pam, Jay, and Jenn! No doubt, I’m going to be on total overload on November 2nd.

I know my Jersey area folks all love a good time and would love to join my family for an awesome experience! Am I right? I’m so right.

The Biggest Loser RunWalk is a non-intimidating race series designed to challenge America to get fit. You’ve been inspired by the hit reality show “The Biggest Loser,” now it’s time to get off the couch and hit the pavement and achieve your fitness goals. This race series will include a challenge for everyone. – The Biggest Loser RunWalk website

There is seriously something for EVERYONE, so no excuses!

Click the pic to enter!

Click the pic to enter!

This giveaway is for one entry to the Biggest Loser RunWalk NJ – winner’s choice of distance. You are responsible for getting to and from the event. Winner will be notified via email and on our Facebook page.

The Biggest Loser Run Walk Race Series has compensated entry for both my son and myself, as well as the giveaway. All opinions are my own.

14 thoughts on “Biggest Loser RunWalk NJ – Giveaway

  1. I love the BL! A few seasons ago I started a rule that I wasn’t allowed to just watch it, I have to workout while watching it. Either watching on my iPad in the gym, or doing workouts in my apartment while watching it.

    This sounds like so much fun!

    • We do the same thing, Cyanne! We watch and during the commercial breaks, there’s a flurry of activity as we do push-ups, situps and planks. And I have to confess, I never snack while watching because HELLO, that would feel so wrong.

  2. This looks like SO much fun! I’ve totally wanted to do one of these, but they’re not so close to where I live. But I’m going to keep checking on that. Have fun!

    • Definitely keep checking, Bec. Like I’ve said, I’ve been… stalking their site! As the race series and show continues to be a success, I’m guessing there will be more opportunities.

      OR, you could come down here and join me next year!

  3. Cool! Enjoy! Love that show, too. So awesome that Pooks enjoys racing. Finn does, too. So far she has only run across the outfield at Run the Bridge, though. Not exactly a distance racer yet. ha! The medal is what matters! (well, when you are 5, anyway.)

  4. Oh, and my favorite race distance is 5K. That is the case ever since battling IT band syndrome, anyway. Used to love the 10K and even loved running my half. Not so much now. grrr.

  5. I am so happy to find out about this race! I am home from college that weekend and I really am hoping I can make it to the race.

  6. I’ve heard such great things about this series. I definitely want to check them out when they come back upstate next year. I missed them this year as we have holiday weekend plans

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