5 Reasons to do the Jog ‘n Hog


When preparing for a race, one doesn’t usually make sure she’s armed with sprinkles, Magic Shell and whipped cream. But this is no ordinary race…

It’s the Jog ‘n Hog!


If you know anything about me, you know that ice cream is my weakness. Or some might consider it my strength! Let’s go with strength.

When I first heard about the Jog ‘n Hog last year, I knew I needed to participate. For the record, I realize how crazy the idea is and on any normal day, I’d say running and eating do not mix.

However, on National Ice Cream day all bets are off.

The Jog ‘n Hog is in its third year and I plan to return again and again (I’m only sad that I didn’t know about it from its inception). What’s so great about the Jog ‘n Hog? Let me count the ways!

1. Uncle Dave’s Homemade Ice Cream


Let’s not get it twisted, first and foremost, I do it all for the ice cream.

Which would you be, a half hogger or a full hogger? After last year’s race I talked a big game and said that I would go for the quart (full) versus the pint (half) in 2014. However, when I went to register, I couldn’t pull the trigger.


Pints all around!

It might be a good thing I didn’t because I (still) couldn’t finish the pint. I definitely ate more than I did last year though so I bested myself and I consider that a win.

Christina finished her ice cream last year AND this year. She's thinking full next year!

Christina finished her ice cream last year AND this year. She’s thinking full next year!

2. Friends (who are just as crazy as you are)

It’s always fun to see who is down for a little jogging and hogging. This year the cast of characters was smaller than last year but mighty!


Meet Christina, Linda and Maureen. Christina is Victoria’s high school friend, Linda is a college friend and Maureen is a blogger/twitter pal. Perfect example of world’s colliding, in the best way!

Of course, I’ll be there again next year so you already have a built-in friend. You’re welcome!


As you might imagine, most people who are in attendance are there for the fun and novelty that this race has to offer. You make friends as you go!

3. The Brothers Smith

Andrew and Brian Smith are the geniuses behind the Jog ‘n Hog (they also host a Pepperoni Ball event in Erie, Pa. earlier in the year) and are, in a word, awesome.


They put on a good event and also know the power of social media. Through the year they’re interacting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Jog ‘n Hog has a family feel, from the bib and shirt pick up to the volunteers cheering on the course. Who doesn’t like family?

4. The Price

A pint of Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream runs for $5. If you register the first day of registration (St. Patrick’s day), it’s $22. What? That’s practically free! Well, okay, no… it’s not. But the way I rationalize it is this:

$22 for registration – $5 for a pint of ice cream = $17
$17 for 1.6 miles out and 1.6 miles back = $5.30 per mile


Uh. I don’t even know. Whatever. It’s cheap. And it’s good, clean fun. Plus, the running nearly negates the ice cream. (Shhhh, let me live in my dreamland.) Additionally, your bib gets your 20% off at the farm store and the store has great produce, great candy, and WINE.

5. The Pig, Yo

Meet this year’s pace pig.

pacepigHe was out there cheering for the runners as we headed toward the ice cream. The “goal” of this race is to beat the pig during the second half of the race.

We are going to star in a new musical called The Pig and I.

We are going to star in a new musical called The Pig and I.

The Pig beat me for the second year in a row however, I ate ice cream and from what I understand, he did not. Therefore, I think that I won by default!

I was just chatting with my husband over dinner and we were thinking of the next step for the Jog ‘n Hog. Why not take the Pace Pig to the next level with not one, not two but THREE pigs: Brick, Sticks and Straw? The Brick pig could be the fastest pace pig, Sticks at a medium pace and Straw pig could keep a slower but challenging pace. Hey Smith Bros, I’ll be your Straw pig! Dude says they could hand out stickers that say, for example, “I huffed and puffed and beat the ‘Stick’ pig.”  (Note:  Alcohol may have been a factor).

Another challenge for future events? Grab a paver near the start line and run!


Maureen is totally up for the challenge!

So let’s recap. Fun, ice cream, family, nearly free, pigs, friends, me. Who will I see next year? Have you ever participated in a zany race like this before?

P.S. Sprinkles make a great noise while running. I might ditch my music and run with sprinkles all the time.

P.P.S. I’m not kidding.

23 thoughts on “5 Reasons to do the Jog ‘n Hog

    • Yeah, you know… now it’s sort of my goal to be a race pig. Somehow. 😉 I envision a tiara and a sprinkle scepter being involved.

  1. Wait. Let me get this straight! You run, eat ice cream, then run some more?! You don’t eat this ice cream after the race? I need to make sure I understand. Because this sounds awesome. I love me some ice cream.

    • That would be correct, Bonnie. You run. You eat. You run. It’s ridiculously awesome. 😉 You in for 2015???

    • I can understand that, Lisa. This type of race doesn’t really happen around me too often which is why I need to take full advantage when it does. It’s easy breezy and keeps things fun!

    • Then, my friend, you would adore the Jog ‘n Hog. And I’ll admit that I fully considered getting more ice cream after the run was over. I didn’t and it’s something I wholly regret.

  2. 5 Reasons Why Jog ‘n Hog Loves Scoot A Doot.

    1. Perseverance. Spoon drops from pint of ice cream to parking lot. Spoon is quickly picked up. Hogging continues.
    2. Awesomeness. Thinks idea of a Jog ‘n Hog with wine would work. Awesome.
    3. Creativity. Thinking of new ideas for the race.
    4. Pros. Come to race with toppings, a sure sign of major league material. No rookies here.
    5. Fun. See #2.

    Thanks again for joining us, see you next year (quarts)!

    • Ah, so you didn’t see when I sneaked away and got a new spoon? 😉

      Thanks for an awesome event, as always. QUARTS. But only if you join in.

  3. I remember hearing about this race last year and thinking that it was the greatest idea ever!!!! But I would probably puke. What an awesome race shirt though!

    • I have to say that I was surprised that I didn’t see any puke along the trail! I mean, happy, but surprised! I bet in Alaska you could make your own ice cream and then chow down. 😉

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