Do Good, Feel Good: Out of this World Lemonade

Ah, almost-summer. Time for sunshine, pools opening, long days (and short nights), and of course, LEMONADE. This past weekend my family hosted our third Out of this World Lemonade Stand to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation in raising money for pediatric cancer research.


Despite hosting the same event yearly, each time is unique and incredibly rewarding. This was Little’s first official time “hosting” with his big brother and he took his job as ice scooper very seriously. His little voice rang out “CUSTOMERS!” every time a car slowed or people walked down the block.

We live on a cut-through street (you know, the one where people drive to avoid hitting lights) which really helps generate stand traffic. And, of course, we post signs at both ends of the block.


We encourage the kids to run the stand as much as possible, with minimal help from us. I do have to say that social media helps a lot with reaching out to friends and family and sharing our donation page; that’s something that neither of them have at this point and won’t for some time! However, they are the ones who are squeezing the lemons, old school style.


At the end of two days, between online and in person donations, we’ve raised $1,174.53. We set a slightly lofty goal of $2,000 and haven’t hit it… yet. But hey, if you’d like to help us out, please feel free to click the link (the in person donations aren’t yet visible).

While our lemonade stand weekend has passed, the official Alex’s Lemonade Stand “lemonade days” are actually this upcoming weekend! If you search here, you can find upcoming fundraisers in your area. Want to get involved and host a lemonade stand of your own? It’s not too late! Check out the Get Involved page.

Additionally, coming up in September is Alex’s Million Mile RUN.WALK.RIDE! We had an awesome team of 31 people last year and I’m betting that we can TOP THAT in 2014.

Let’s mix, pour, and find a cure one cup at a time!


8 thoughts on “Do Good, Feel Good: Out of this World Lemonade

  1. Phil and I come each year to lend support to the Daniel family. There is not much for us to do because the boys have it covered with help from their parents when needed. But, it’s a fun weekend for a good cause. This year Gemma did her part to greet people and encourage some to stop and meet her. She looked adorable in her yellow bandana! My grandsons are learning the valuable lesson of helping other people.

  2. I just got an e-mail today that registration is open for the Million Mile Run. Hoping to join with Team Scoot a Doot again!

    • YES NITA! We got the same email and can’t wait to be together again for the Million Mile Run. Looking forward to it!

    • It is, Meranda! Applebee’s is a huge supporter of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation having raised over $2 million in the past 10 years. Pretty incredible, huh? I know that Toys ‘R Us and Rita’s Water Ice are also partners as well.

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