Those Summer Nights

Anyone who’s familiar with Southern California knows that we don’t believe in seasons.  I live in a little part of CA known as the I.E. or Inland Empire.  Which means there’s no off shore breeze where I live.  We have two temperatures, hot and slightly less hot.  Both of which may or may not be accompanied by the Santa Ana winds.  Summer starts in May and ends in October, which makes running during half the year really, really, really, really sucky.

I know, I know.  I sound like a whiny bitch.  It's because I am.

I know, I know. I sound like a whiny bitch. It’s because I am.

I don’t know about you peeps, but I’m what’s considered a “heavy sweater” and no I don’t mean like a cable knit.  I mean shirt completely drenched after a 60 minute yoga class heavy.  I mean wiping up my sweat after push-ups so I don’t slip and break my neck kind of heavy. I know sweating has its benefits, like, you know, that whole eliminating toxins thing.  But the last thing I want to do when it’s 100 degrees outside is run.  I’ve been going to RIPPED and Body Back at 5 am for this very reason.  So far I’ve been able to keep up with my cross training, but with the Dumbo Double Dare rapidly approaching in August, I’m starting to feel a little nervous.  Because, yeah, August in SoCal sucks the life right out of you.   I know I need to train and I need to train in the heat.  I’m just finding it very very hard to actually get out there and do it.

How do you stay motivated when it’s hotter than Hades?  Any tips for running in the heat?  Has anyone ran the Disneyland Half in August?  Am I going to melt out there?!?

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    • I almost hate running on a treadmill more than running in the heat! Really, I need it to be a brisk 70 degrees with a slight cloud cover to actually enjoy running, lol.

  1. I sure hope you don’t melt out there because that wouldn’t bode well for the Disneyland race! 😉 I really am trying hard to get out there and hit the streets rather than my treadmill so that I don’t seriously melt in August.

    • It’s soooo harrrrrd. I ran this morning before 5 am and I was still sweating like a person of low moral quality in church, lol. At least we will melt together! We can be puddles!

  2. I’m laughing– I am a fellow SoCal girl– although I live slightly closer to the beach, I still live in a valley and it’s hot– so I get it! Other than the obvious, “get your run in early in morning,” I like to fill a small cooler with ice water and washcloths, so that when I return from run, I can reward myself with icy towels– I have also been know to dump the entire cooler of ice water on my head. I also love a slurpee or jamba juice right after a run– or better yet, map your run so that there is a 7-11 mid way or at the tail end, and stop and buy one on your run!

  3. I live in South Florida and we don’t have any seasons down here either. It’s hotter than hell right now with a 100% humidity as well. It’s walking outside and drinking the air…LOL. What I’ve found to work for me is to try and do most of my runs during the week inside on a treadmill… (another plus for this is bc I have bad allergies and asthma). Then on Saturday morning I get up at 5:30 to start my long run of the week. It sucks getting up early but the sun isn’t up yet and I can get a lot of running in before it does. It’s still hot and humid but at least it’s just one day a week instead of all of them. That way you still know how it feels to run outside. Another suggestion is to put a slight incline on your treadmill. This will make more like road conditions. I hope much suggestions help. Hang in there! I’m right there with ya!

    • I never run on a treadmill, just because I don’t have one, lol. Might be time to spend some mornings in the gym. I almost hate the treadmill as much as the sweat, lol.

  4. I did my summer running in DC and then did Disneyland and honestly, I thought Disneyland was not bad at all. It was pretty cool in the morning when I did it (2012) and while it was hot, it wasn’t humid and the humidity is what really, really kills me.

    As a fellow sweater, I feel better outside–outdoors in the summer it makes sense that you’re sweating plus honestly I feel like people are less likely to smell me, if that makes sense.

    • Yes, it totally makes sense. I’d much rather be outside, even if it’s hot. I despise the treadmill. I’m hoping the race is early enough that the sun won’t be so intense. Plus, Anaheim is closer to the ocean than I am and tends to have a breeze or cloud cover. So if the conditions are just right, I just might not melt, lol.

  5. Oh me too! I’m a horrible sweater and in middle school – high school I was embarrassed regularly by The Sweat. And no thanks to our So Cal weather. Running this summer will be “fun” as I’m training for my first half in November and training started end of July….ugh…. I foresee my cross training being spent in the pool!

  6. I hear you on sweating a lot – today I was running up here in Alaska in 64 degree weather with a tank top and was sweating my face off! Tourists wearing coats were horrified to see me coming. At least you don’t have humidity right? That was the worst part about living on the east coast! I wish I had some tips but I don’t, except for carrying a towel with you in your car so you can mop it all up after running!

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