Celebrating Virginia

I’m blessed to be surrounded by a family of smart, strong and motivating women.

Typically, I chat about my fabulous mother. But last weekend, I headed downstate with my in-laws to celebrate my mama-in-law Virginia, for her 50th birthday.

V and I joined the Sebastiano family about the same time and have lots in common. We always enjoy baking together, shopping, hiking, chatting and visiting, even if we do absolutely nothing when we join forces. She is a joy and has a pure heart. Thank you for being you, dear Virginia! Happy 50th!

old sebFrom left, my father-in-law, sister-in-law and mama-in-law back in 2005.

Last weekend, my generous father-in-law treated Virginia and a few of her favorite family and friends to a weekend at Mohonk Mountain House, a stunning 150-year-old resort in New York’s Hudson Valley.  I had a fabulous time with my family, and the outing really reminded me how lucky I am to have such impressive and strong women in my life.

We ate, we hiked, we rowed on the lake. We toasted Virginia, and we celebrated one another. And of course, we were pampered at the spa, which is apparently the top spa resort in the country! (We do things right in our family.)

Mohonk is a stunning setting for any relaxing getaway. It reminded me of the resorts of yesteryear, when emphasis was placed on family activities and spending time together. There are no televisions in guest rooms, and I only saw one on property – which was playing a family friendly movie each evening. A high tea was offered each day. Nearly every activity is included – minus spa treatments and anything involving horses.

Here are a few images from my weekend. If you ever have the chance to visit Mohonk, even for the day, GO! It’s incredible.

mohonk7View from a hike around the resort. Wow, just wow!

mohonk6The gang’s all here to celebrate Virginia (center, front row) The candle might give her away!

mohonk1Me with my sister-in-law Lauren and Aunt Maria at dinner. We three shared a room and had a great time together!

mohonk9I love this side shot of V and her sister Dot. You can feel the love and joy

mohonk10Check out the view from our room/balcony.

mohonk8We spent a lot of time at the spa, and the gym, and we three also hiked a bit around the stunning property.

horseHorses! I need to stop laughing at this sign. I know I am misreading it, but I still find it hilarious. #imaybite

mohonk5Row, row row your boat! Lolly and I shared rowing duties. We loved it so much we went out twice!

mohonk11View from the water

mohonk12Group outing on our final morning

Tell me about your favorite family weekend getaway! Where do you go to relax? Would you hike, row or hit the spa? Have you been to Mohonk? Tell me in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Virginia

  1. Okay, that sign cracks me up, too. My husband lived in the Hudson Valley for a year, not far from the Mohonk Mountain House. I’ve wanted to go! Family getaways typically take place at Disney but I will never say no to spa time 🙂

    • I’m glad I am not alone, Nita! I keep laughing and laughing at it. “I bite.” really? Really. And if you get the chance to go, definitely do it! The spa and the setting are amazing

    • Thank you! the views in that place are just spectacular! I have so many more I’d love to share but I didn’t want to overload everyone with pics!

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