Whole Lot of Crazy

If you’ve learned anything about me through my blogging in the last year, you’ve probably learned that I am a complete goldfish when it comes to healthy eating. I get distracted by shiny things. And then, before that thing has a chance to take hold, I’m distracted by another shiny thing. Or by ice cream.

It’s a thing. A not-so-great thing. Me and food…well, we’re in what I like to call a relationshit. It’s completely dysfunctional and something definitely needs to change.

Enter Whole 30.

If you don’t know about Whole 30, it’s essentially a SUPER clean, Paleo-esque program for 30 days. It’s something I’ve been contemplating for well over a year, but I’ve always brushed it off as being ‘too hard’. According to the Whole 30 website, this is NOT HARD.

You can find the complete program rules here, but in short:

  • No sugar or sugar substitutes (meaning no added sugar, real or artificial)
  • No grains (no, not even quinoa)
  • No white potatoes (oh French Fries, how I will miss thee)
  • No legumes (this is the one that I don’t really understand, but I’m rolling with it)
  • No dairy (I’ve been trying to break up with dairy for over a year. It’s time.)
  • No carrageenan, MSG or sulfites (hello, reading ALL the labels)
  • No alcohol (this is actually the only one I’m not remotely worried about)
  • No ‘paleo-baking’ (essentially taking all compliant ingredients and turning them into cookies)

This is pretty far from where I am right now. Being that right now, I am eating a giant breakfast sandwich and drinking an Extra Extra iced coffee. I’ve been to Dairy Queen so many times in the last week that I think they are going to start calling me by name (curse you, Celebration Cake Blizzard). I leave my house every morning with no lunch bag, no snacks and no plan, which ultimately dissolves into a high-calorie, high fat lunch out.

And if you think my relationship with food has fallen into toxic territory, you should probably know that my pants and I are in the midst of an epic battle. (My pants are losing terribly. It’s tragic.)

So, why not just make some moderate dietary changes? Why so drastic? In truth, I’m not at the point right now where moderation is my friend. While as an overall ‘lifestyle’, I fully support the ideal that you can, and should, be able to eat what you want IN MODERATION, right now a cookie = two cookies = a bag of cookies.

I’m a classic Type A personality. I do best with a set of guidelines and a goal. I’m competitive and results oriented. And I like to WIN. While I don’t necessarily buy in to the ‘this is NOT hard’ mantra behind Whole 30, I get what they are saying. In the grand scheme of life, nothing about this program represents actual hardship. You get to eat. You don’t have to be hungry.

There are plenty of delicious things to eat. Fruits. Veggies. Lean protein. Avocados. NUTS.

And it’s 30 days.

Honestly, the thing I think I am going to struggle with the most is the non-food related regulation that you not weigh yourself or check your measurements at all during the 30 day period. I am a complete slave to my scale. That said, while I am sure weight loss will occur, I’m really doing this as more of a personal challenge, to see if me and food can come to a more peaceable coexistence.

I’d also like my pants to fit, I’M JUST SAYING.

As of today, I’m T-minus-four days. I’m trying to suppress my natural urge to eat EVERYTHING I won’t be able to eat during the program over the next four days. Trying. Failing thus far, but still trying.

Monday, I jump on the Crazy Train. All aboard!

Have you done Whole 30? Do you have tips/tricks/recipes you want to share with Bec? Do you want to join her on the Crazy Train? She loves company!

4 thoughts on “Whole Lot of Crazy

  1. Please keep us posted on your progress. 30 days is a short amount of time so keep telling yourself that on the hard days. The personal trainer in me will also recommend maybe exploring some good personal growth blogs or books while you are on this journey to help explore so,e of the habits and help with not going back to them and why after the 30 days are up. If you can run, you can do the whole 30! You’ve got this!

    • I will definitely keep you guys posted throughout the 30 days! And that’s a great suggestion, thank you! I know that there is far more to my food issues than just the fact that cheese is delicious 🙂 Really trying to get the most out of this experience! Thanks for the support!

  2. I love the way you refer to your relationship with food. I too struggle with the whole moderation thing. It starts with one, then two, then crap!!@$%#@ Where did the bag go? Good luck on your whole 30 journey!

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