Here comes the spring running duds

Little darling, it’s been a long, cold lonely winter.

Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here.

Aside from a shot of a favorite Beatles’ tunes, I can say with authority – Here Comes the Sun! Finally, that bright and shiny orb in the sky has returned. Of course we all know what that means…SHORTS AND RUNNING TANKS!

clothes1Some Oiselle spring14 faves: fresh green distance shorts and three friends tank and my beloved big O burnout tank in brill blue paired with my old rogas.

I might be getting a little bit ahead of myself, however, because while recent temps in Rochester surpassed the 80-degree mark on Sunday and Monday, today’s forecast includes a 50-degree downturn and my least favorite four-letter word.


On April 15

Sigh. Mother Nature, stop it already. You’re drunk.

If your winter season was anything like mine in upstate New York, then you’re absolutely ready for some consistent springlike weather (read: average highs in the 50s.) You’re over subzero temps and running in snowdrifts.

And you’re definitely over strapping studs to your feet to keep from falling on the ice.

So what do you wear in this in between weather? (besides crooning my favorite Beatles’ ballad…)

Layers my friends. Lots and lots of layers.

And there are oh-so-many pieces to choose from with capris and shorts, shirts and tanks and arm warmers all in my arsenal.

Once the temps hit the 50s or higher, I typically start wearing running shorts or skirts. Depending on the heat, though, I may wear long-sleeves or short sleeves. It’s not quite warm enough for me to jump to the tanks, unless I’m rocking them under a long-sleeve tech shirt like I did on Saturday, which hovered in the 60s for most of the day.

That way, I can always peel off the top layer and tie it around my waist while I finish my run.

Gone are the knit caps. Gone are the gloves. It’s rare the arm warmers make it more than a mile since I overheat quickly.

I also tend to use some of my (many) race tech tees as an early spring outer layer, typically wearing some sort of tank underneath, just in case I judged incorrectly and overheat.

clothes4Meet my favorite long-sleeved tech tee from my first-ever marathon, the Philadelphia Marathon. I love the course map on the back and the weight of the tee.

Here are a few of my fave spring combos:

clothes3NYC Marathon tech tee with old capris – I wear this on cooler days.

clothes2Feeling hot, hot hot in Oiselle flyte tank with roga shorts!

 clothes5You can’t miss me in this old race shirt from the 2013 Haddonfield 5K. The brighter the better!

vicoiselleSometimes you just need to add a shot of color. A bright yellow Oiselle Feather Trials hoody is among my post-run faves.

There are SO many ways for me to mix and match my piles of clothes — and these pictures are just a mere few. I wanted to post a pic of ALL my running clothes, but hubs can never see that photographic evidence. My head would roll!

But I want to see what YOU wear when you run in the spring! Tweet me a picture via ScootaDoot and tell me about your favorite springtime running duds.

What are your favorite running tops and bottoms? Tell me in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Here comes the spring running duds

  1. Yay warm weather! I just wore that Haddonfield 5k shirt this morning while I was running/training. I like wearing bright colors, especially while running outside before the sun comes up. I’m hearing the dreaded S word around these parts too. Grrrrrr. – M

  2. I’m not a big “shorts” runner. Don’t know why. So, running capri tights, it is! Pair that with a tank (and perhaps some arm warmers for the start), and I’m good to go! On coolish days / mornings, the running capris with a short sleeve or long sleeve tech race shirt is always a good option, too.

    • I hear ya!I feel the same way about capris. I only have one pair and I tend to get a few wears out of them each spring and fall before I overheat and turn to shorts. I do love the look of capris with a tank! I bet you look awesome! 🙂

  3. it snowed here in MI too….. so sad. i looked outside and felt my soul die a little.

    loooooove all your bright colors! i just adore bright color workout clothes. i recently bought a running tank from kohls (i think it was nike) that is purple but outlined in lime green, Im loving it! Although i only get to wear it under layers so far…. hopefully soon it will be tank top weather!

    • It just started here 🙁 snow is my least favorite four-letter word. (In mid April anyway)

      And THANK YOU! I often wear insanely bright workout clothes – lots of neon here – because I want to make sure the drivers see me along the side of the road. Your new top sounds lovely! I hope it gets to be an outer layer soon!

  4. Fingers crossed you don’t get snow! Since I have discovered running skirts I have a feeling I may be wearing them in the summer with my tanks just to lounge around in and do errands even if i’m not running!…haha. Is that wrong?

    • Thanks hon – we got a little, but nothing major. And its supposed to be 50ish again tomorrow. I hope you didn’t get this in PA.

      And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with lounging and running errands in your running gear! Those running skirts are adorable 🙂

  5. I’m so excited for spring running and layers. I’m a weirdo and refuse to wear short sleeves to run, I’d rather just wear a tank. And I hate shorts because my thighs eat them. So I’m strictly a well vented Capri and skirt girl.

    • I totally get it, I’d way rather wear a tank than short sleeves too. And your thighs eat your shorts? OH MY! that sounds rather painful!

      Do you have a favorite tank brand or style? I’m always looking for new possibilities!

      • Okay, so they don’t literally eat them, but it’s not pretty, or Comfy.

        Fave tanks are Lululemon Cool racerback tanks and Athleta Chi tanks. They don’t have shelf bras so you can wear whatever you want, and they come in approximately 7 million color/print options. I have a number of others, but those are my go-tos

  6. Love these outfits! Where do you shop? I am about 2 hours east of Rochester, but would make the drive out there if there is a well-stocked running store! We have a shop that’s fantastic for shoes & gear, but light on clothes and socks.

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