One Sock, Two Sock, Red Sock, Blue Sock

I have a problem.  A big one.   One that takes up lots and lots of drawer space.  It’s obvious I’m a fan of running in costume but after all these races, I have acquired quite the collection of knee socks.  An entire drawer full to be specific.

Oh look, I've displayed them for your viewing pleasure.

Oh look, I’ve displayed my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

I love my socks.  I love every single pair of them.  I currently own EIGHT Ragnar race shirts.  And oh, the medals.  I adore my medals.  I couldn’t possible part with them.  But how can I continue to acquire the various apparel necessary to race and also house important things, like my real clothes?  Or my children.  My race swag is taking over my very limited living space.  

These still have tags.  I need help.

These still have tags. I need help.

My yoga teacher in college once said that the inability to free oneself from possessions is the result of the underlying fear that we won’t be able to provide for ourselves in the future.  My socks aren’t valuable or expensive.  Most of them are not even for running or athletic purposes.  I’m pretty sure I can’t get rid of my socks because they’re so ridiculously cute. Plus, there’s that small fact that every time I see them in my drawer, I’m reminded of how many miles I’ve covered.


Tomorrow marks the beginning of my race season.  I also have my very first official weigh-in and fitness assessment for Body Back.  It’s time to clean out my running drawer.  My Ragnar shirts are going up into the rafters.  I can’t toss them yet.  My medals proudly decorate my classroom.  There’s plenty of wall space there. But as I try to decide which socks to bench, I have no fear. Instead, I’m reminded of all the times I doubted myself.  And all the times I proved myself wrong.

What do you do with your excess swag?  Do you have any cute socks I should buy?  Where do you get your socks?  Leave me a note!

6 thoughts on “One Sock, Two Sock, Red Sock, Blue Sock

  1. Ohhhhh these are too cute, don’t get rid of them! All of my socks are super boring and plain athletic ones. I like the yoga teacher’s advice… but then that would mean I have a serious problem with books. That is what takes over my living spaces and is creeping out of everywhere.

    I usually stick to a few solid running outfits and rarely switch over. Yet, I can’t part with any of the shirts from races that I ‘earned’…. even if I never wear them. I think that this is a common issue with runners! You are not alone!

  2. Haha this cracked me up! I actually just threw away a bunch of socks because unless they’re athletic socks, I don’t really wear socks anymore. Kind of weird, right? They just don’t really work with dress shoes and I’m usually in flats or flip flops on the weekend if I’m not in running shoes.

  3. Socks are small and don’t take up THAT much space. Keep ’em. =) As for t-shirts, if you don’t wear your race shirts but would like to keep them, you could always have them made into a quilt! That’s my plan, anyway, once I get enough of them. =)

  4. I have a drawer full of socks too. Actually, one drawer full of knee socks and one full of regular socks. Every so often I do a closet/dresser purge. It feels great. Then six months later I’m looking for something I got rid of. There’s no way to win.

  5. I’m a Swiftwick sock junkie, and I am enjoying receiving their “sock of the month.” This month is green with 6-shamrock. I also have been collecting handanas ( and bib pins in a pint jar. I quilt my t-shirts. The “fun knee highs” make great arm warmers in there 2nd life.

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