Oh Kiddo, My Kiddo

Nine years ago tomorrow, at 9:49 in the morning, I became a mom.


Since then I’ve learned what it is to be a parent and it’s a continual learning process. The role of a parent isn’t the same as mom, which might surprise some, while others might be nodding their head in agreement. I’m always a mom. But I bring out the parent hat in teachable moments, when I need to guide and lead my children.

Recently (and here’s where it gets really cool) Pooks and I have been establishing our friendship. Now, the roles of mom and parent always supersede the role as friend, but we are growing into this new found part of our relationship.

It’s freaking awesome!

Going into our 9th year of being us, there are things that we enjoy doing together that are ours.


He recently read a book that he loved and then suggested that I read it because he knew I would love it, too. The love of reading is something I shared with my mom and it’s so cool to see this continue on to the next generation.

Furthermore, he’s more in tune with me in an emotional sense. When our dog got sick and my husband was at the vet with him, Pooks was there with me when I got the call from Jay that Jack wasn’t going to be coming home with him. To have him with me in that vulnerable moment, when I couldn’t put on the mom or parent hat, and just needed to have him as my friend was invaluable. He’s starting to see me as a person. For so long, I think it was really easy to only relate to each other as our given roles in a family; now it’s more than that.


In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, I’ve been decorating my family members doors with hearts and reasons why I love them. There are currently nine Valentine’s on Pooks’ door.

1. I love you because you are musical and want to learn more.

2. I love you because there are so many things you want to do and explore.


3. I love you because you are Principal of the Day.

4. I love you because you always ask if I am okay if I’ve been sad or upset.

5. I love you because you’re a good big brother.


6. I love you because you sing in the shower.

7. I love you because you are ridiculous!

8. I love you because you care about animals.

9. I love you because you are a great kid.

Here’s to my son, my friend, my nine year old.

17 thoughts on “Oh Kiddo, My Kiddo

  1. This is so sweet…. and the door decorations… I started to get teary eyed and now I would like to reproduce. So thank you (I really can’t look at tiny children and read about them at this point in my life…. it makes my uterus have urges to procreate.)

    You are blessed to have such a beautiful thoughtul 9 year old and friend and son!

    • HAHAHA! Oh, I think you can wait before the reproduction occurs! Think of the wedding dress my friend!

      I am very blessed – I feel like we are learning together and it’s (usually) a beautiful thing. 🙂

    • He’ll be so excited to hear that you’re donating to Alex’s Lemonade Stand on his behalf – and I so love that about him.

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! I try really hard to do the best I can as a mom so it’s very sweet that you say that. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ve been doing the valentines for both boys and my husband and I forgot my husband one day… you would have thought the world was coming to an end! “WHERE IS MY HEART???”

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