I’m a fan of routine. I like it. I crave it, even. Most of the things in my life have been there for years and years, have integrated themselves into my day-to-day so that they’re second nature. I hardly have to think about it. I’ve been very, very comfortable.

But for me, comfortable turned into safe. I told myself when 2014 rolled around that I would shake things up, that I would put myself out there and make decisions that would challenge my status quo. I was hoping that some opportunity would come along that would force me to be decidedly uncomfortable.

That opportunity did come along in the form of a job offer and yesterday was my last day at the company I’ve called my second home for nine years. For lack of a better phrase, I grew up there. I was fresh out of the gates of college when I started there. I got engaged while I was there, got married, had a kid. Ticked away my 20s and welcomed my 30s there. I worked – and became great friends – with some of the most incredible, smart, funny, talented people there.

It was a really, really good place to grow up. It was not an easy place to leave, but  sometimes the things that aren’t easy are the things we need in order to keep growing. It’s easy to be comfortable. It feels nice to know what your next step is, what your minutes look like every day, exactly how your time is filled. But there is also a real exhilaration that comes along with forcing yourself into a new normal.

The end of an era in my comfy seat (with a great view).

The end of an era in my comfy seat (with a great view).

I’m sharing this with all of you because sometimes we all need a nudge to be brave and get out there, to blaze a new path, even if it means getting a little bit burned along the way. That’s how we learn and grow. If you’re thinking about doing that thing you’re scared of, intrigued by, itching to do but not really sure about because it’s kind of uncomfy, I say do it. Let it scare you and overwhelm you and then do it anyway, because you’ll be amazed at your bravery and it will just spur you to do something else. It will turn into an avalanche of discomfort and bravery! That sounds fun, right? I promise it is. And it’ll be worth it.

2014 is turning into a year of newness and change for me: a new job, a new haircut (okay, fine, that’s a little superficial, but hello, it was like six inches), a half marathon on the books for August. I’m excited – and scared, if I’m being honest, which I always try to be with all of you – to see what other new things will come my way. I can’t wait.

What new things do you have on the books for this year? Is there something you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t yet? Have I spurred you into action?? Talk to me in the comments. 🙂 

10 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. So happy and excited for you, Jess! In my experience, these kinds of changes always turn out better than one expects. This will be fabulous for you and your family. Congratulations, darling!

  2. A big change like leaving your old job for something new can definitely feel scary! But I have no doubt that amazing things are in store for you, Jess. You’re going to do wonderfully. <3

  3. Ohhhhh good luck!!! Sounds exciting and I can’t believe you are leaving that view- I stare at nothing. Im getting maried in less than two months- so that is my major changeeeeeee!

    • I know, the view is pretty amazing. Although there’s a building going up right across the street that all but eradicated my view of the bay!

      Congrats on your impending wedding! Such an exciting time!

  4. So exciting!!! Congratulations.

    2013 was my year of changes, it included 2 new jobs, 2 moves, and a massive breakup.

    This year, I’m focused on trying smaller new things: started a new workout regimen, am trying new training tools for my races, and cooking, a ton!

    • Wow, huge changes indeed! How do you feel about everything in hindsight?

      I love the idea of trying smaller new things. I think that’s just as important as shaking it up in a big way. Anything you can do to rejuvenate your life – or even just your day – is a win in my book!

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