Guest Post: 1-2-3 Blast Off!

Today, our honorary Chick, Sara, is recapping her experience at the Space Coast Half Marathon in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of running in the Space Coast Half Marathon. Boy! What a fun race this was! According to their website it is the only space-themed marathon and half-marathon race on the planet. I am kind of a closet Star Wars geek (thanks to my husband), so I knew this would be a fun one.

The course for this race was breath taking. It was approximately 6.5 miles down the coast and back on a street lined with the most gorgeous homes on one side and then the intercostal on the other. It also doesn’t hurt to have Darth Vader standing on the corner cheering you on.

I would have to say the first 6.5 miles went pretty well. It wasn’t until the turn around that I noticed the wind was now against me for the last 6.6 miles. The wind gusts we so strong on a few occasions I felt like I was not even moving. I knew this was going to slow me down a little but I didn’t let it bother me. I turned my music on and powered through.

I apologize for the lack of fun photos. I came to this race on a mission. My mission was to do a sub- 2:15 half marathon. This was my second half marathon so I was definitely determined to PR at this race. My final time was 2:14:38. Yahoo! I did it! I PR’d by over 20 minutes. All those 5:30am running sessions with the fabulous Brooke paid off.

My finisher medal is big, colorful and glittery. What more can a runner ask for?

photo 2-4

I also loved the beach towel we got after the race. Another unique aspect of this race is the virtual goodie bag. Instead of a plastic bag with a bunch of coupons, flyers…etc, they email you a virtual goodie bag before the race. There you can look through all the info and only print what you plan on using. I wish more races would go this route. If we are being honest here, I usually just throw the goodie bags out. This virtual goodie bag will help reduce waste and also make planet earth a little more greener.

photo 1-2

Up next for me is the Glass Slipper Challenge in February at Disney. I am definitely thinking a sub-2:10 half. What do you think?

What is your favorite space movie? What running items are on your Christmas wish list?

Sara is a wife, mom, crafter and Brooke’s favorite running partner. She also PRs like a boss. You can find her at The Classy Crafter.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: 1-2-3 Blast Off!

  1. Congrats on your awesome PR! 20 minutes is fantastic. Kudos to you. This race sounds amazing, and as a way way out of the closet space geek, I really want to do it! Someday! The medal is awesome. Fave space movie? SO HARD TO CHOOSE. SW: Empire? Star Trek 2? Galaxy Quest? Aliens? I can’t decide!

  2. I’m Vic’s mom. And my ultimate favorite space movie is “The Right Stuff,” with “Apollo 13” not too far behind. Can you tell I like non-fiction? Having lived through the Mercury years, I remember sitting in the auditorium of my junior high school, watching all of Alan Shepherd’s 15 minutes above the earth. Just thrilling!!!
    Also, I love your medal. Thanks for the great blog!

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