Road Tested: PocketFuel Whole Food Fuel

I’ve always loved peanut butter, but my nut butter obsession reached new heights when I first visited Meri for the Rothman 8k two years ago. Meri made us whipped oatmeal for breakfast, along with a mini buffet of topping options (she’s an excellent hostess), including different nut butters. Who knew there was more out there than plain old peanut butter? Not me, that’s who.

Fast forward to today, when I currently have 5 different jars of nut butter in my pantry. I love it in oatmeal, on fruit, toast, pancakes, a spoon. So, when PocketFuel sent us their selection of nut butters, I elbowed my way to the front of the line for the opportunity to try them. I let Meri join me- because I’m such a good friend- and because she got me started on all this yumminess in the first place.

Nut butter heaven

Nut butter heaven

PocketFuel Whole Food Fuel is made from 100% natural, whole food ingredients found in nuts, seeds and fruits. It provides a natural energy boost before or during your workout by delivering a balanced combination of simple and complex carbohydrates. It boosts blood sugar immediately but also helps to sustain energy for hours.

PocketFuel also works as a recovery fuel, as carbohydrates replace the energy lost and protein begins to repair and strengthen muscles.

PocketFuel is a natural powerhouse of electrolytes; it contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride to refuel and rehydrate your body. But most importantly, how does it taste? Meri and I, along with our husbands, put these to the test this month.



I’m a routine driven person. Especially when it’s five in the morning and my brain is struggling to catch up with my body. I lay my gym clothes out the night before (although there has been a time or two when something – usually my bra – winds up inside out). My keys, towel and wallet are always in the same spot but a few weeks ago, I also added a PocketFuel the night prior.

During the summer I joined up with the Rise and Run Club and although the sun is not rising nearly as early as it was over the summer, I’m still trying to tackle a couple of miles before my hour weight training session. (Or I was before I hurt my quad last week.) But as you know, working out for a couple of hours requires fuel! Vic had told me of her love for PocketFuel so I was really interested in giving it a try. Usually I grab a banana prior to my workout so I went with the Banana Blueberry PocketFuel to try first.

Squishing the almond butter around in the packet, I read over the nutrition label; since there were two servings I decided to have half prior to my run and then eat the rest in between the run and weights, during my stretch. I don’t usually bring “snacks” to the gym, but hey, why not?

The Banana Blueberry was delish! I love almond butter as is, but wasn’t sure what I’d think of the fruit taste. It was the perfect mix of the flavors, nothing was too overpowering and I LOVED the crunchy texture from the almonds. Additionally, I really liked that I was able to eat it in two servings – it was easy to recap and take along with me.

Since I devoured the Banana Blueberry, I decided to go the dilution route for the Chocolate Haze – hazelnut butter. After another training session, I headed home, ready to give the Chocolate Haze a whirl… with almond milk. The PocketFuel folks suggest a 1:1 ratio of liquid to PocketFuel. I had a bit of a heavy pour on the almond milk but the mix was tasty!

Of the two, well, I’m an almond butter girl, through and through. Hazelnut butter is delicious but I feel like the almond butter was more filling. As I said earlier, I’m a routine driven person, and I’m planning on adding PocketFuel to my routine.

Since sharing is caring, my husband, Jay got to try the Pineapple Coconut almond butter and Vanilla Haze hazelnut butter. Generally speaking, I don’t like coconut, so he said he’d take one for the team (because he doesn’t particularly like pineapple or coconut. That’s a good man right there).

Given that bit of information, it’s no surprise that he tried the Vanilla Haze first. He had it prior to a training session. After he returned home he reported back that his head was clearer and he was more awake during the session (he works out at 6am too).

Two days later, he tried the Pineapple Coconut. He was a bit hesitant, given the flavors, but he was pleasantly surprised with the almond butter. He said there were only mind hints of pineapple and coconut, they were not overpowering at all. He actually enjoyed that more than the Vanilla Haze!

Only downside? He could feel where pieces of coconut got stuck in the seams of the pocket and no amount of squishing he did could free them up.

Thanks for sharing with us, Brooke!


Josh and I are both working out several days per week. I’m in the middle of half-marathon training, and he’s just getting back in to running (and training for a 5 miler). I’m an early morning runner, so adding some nut butter to my oatmeal is the perfect breakfast because it gives me some extra protein and a big boost in flavor. I love that the fuel package is resealable; it’s incredibly convenient. Even better, the ingredients are all things I can pronounce. All things that occur in nature. My favorite flavor is the Coconut Cherry. I love coconut, and I could have squeezed it straight from the package into my mouth. (I totally did that. Sorry, not sorry.)

Breakfast of champions. Or busy parents. You know.

Breakfast of champions. Or busy parents. You know.

Josh is always on the go- he takes one of our girls to school, heads to the gym, and then he eats post workout. He tried the butters on toast and oatmeal, and he loved the Chia, Goji & Honey in his cold oats. He told me that he felt full and energized through lunch time, and for a guy who usually skips lunch in favor of work- well, that’s a great thing.

PocketFuel provided samples of their nut butters for free. All opinions expressed are our own.

PocketFuel wants to share their natural, whole food energy with you! One reader will receive a sample pack of nut butters. Please click the link below to enter. We will verify the winning entry via Rafflecopter. This giveaway runs from now until 9/25 at midnight.


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26 thoughts on “Road Tested: PocketFuel Whole Food Fuel

  1. I absolutely LOVE the blueberry banana and always carry a pouch in my purse for those times when I am suddenly starving! That little bugger has saved me on more than one occasion. It tastes so good that sometimes I want to eat it for dessert. I always squeeze it right from the package. I tried the Chocolate Espresso but didn’t love it and went back and bought 10 packs of the blueberry banana. Why mess with perfection?

  2. Which PocketFuel flavor do you like best?
    I have tried the pineapple cocount and cherry coconut- enjoyed the pineapple coconut more- yummy!

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