Rocking the socks – The Sox Box Giveaway Winner

Or should we say WINNERS?

Yes, we should go with the plural. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

The response to the giveaway for these socks has been tremendous! We’re guessing it’s because you all love words on socks just as much as we do. Perhaps it’s because 20% of each purchase at The Sox Box goes to the Independence Fund, for wounded military veterans. Or maybe it’s because you know these socks are Made in the USA.

All good things!

In the comments, the run away favorite socks were…

hotmesssiteChick Jess picked these as we often refer to ourselves as “hot messes” and many of you can relate to that!


These RUN quadruplets were also big faves among the Scoot readers and we definitely understand why.

We’re thinking it would be fun to get a whole slew of socks and then switch them up. Mix and Match anyone?




The possibilities are endless!

The Sox Box folks were great to work with and have graciously said we can award not one, or two, three, four but FIVE pairs of socks. Awesome!!!

Our winners are:


Congrats Cassie, Katie, Ramona, Cherie, and Jeffrey! We salute you! The Sox Box will be contacting you soon with all the deets on your free socks.

As a special thank you to our readers, use the coupon code SCOOTD10 to get 10% off at The Sox Box, now through July 15th. What are you waiting for? Scoot on over there!

3 thoughts on “Rocking the socks – The Sox Box Giveaway Winner

  1. Congrats to the winners and thank you everyone for entering in the giveaway! Look for more in the future! 🙂 Thank you Scootadoot for hosting!

    Happy Soxing!
    The Sox Box

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