Couch to Excitement/Nervousness

So, the C25K posts have been pretty lean the last few weeks. Which makes sense because the C25K has been pretty lean the last few weeks. And by lean, I mean I’ve gone running once.

There was a trip to NY, family out of town, date night, doctor’s appointments, prom dress shopping and well… there was also some laziness. I’ve been working very hard on my diet for the last few weeks, changing things and researching, so I’m not in a bad place.

Bec and Bffl, in New York. Not running.

Bec and Bffl, in New York. Not running.

I’m just not running.

Bec and the boy in Central Park. Still not running.

Bec and the boy in Central Park. Still not running.

But all that is going to change. It has to change. And this isn’t one of those ‘I need to get out of my own way and stop making excuses’ posts. Oh no. This is one of those ‘well holy cannoli (which I no longer eat), what the heck did I just do’ posts.

What the heck  did I do, you might ask? (I know you are insanely curious about the minutiae of my life, folks).


Yeah, I don’t know how it happened either. But it happened. I am officially registered for the 2014 April Fools Half Marathon in Atlantic City.

And what’s even stranger? I’m actually excited about it. Nervous excited (nervouscited, it’s a word), but excited nonetheless.

I’m going to get to run with some of my fellow Scooters – read: behind my fellow Scooters – and with the Chicago-style Bec, Anne. And I’m going to accomplish a goal that I’ve had, running my first half before I turn 40.

Well… I’m going to accomplish my goal if I prepare.

So, that’s why there has to be running.

Delicious food Bec made while she was not out running.

Delicious food Bec made while she was not out running.

There has to be consistent running, at that. And since it’s been anything but, I’ve decided to go back a bit.

I’m going to reboot C25K. I took so many days off that the one run I did in the last three weeks? It was a horror show. I very much run ‘in my head’, meaning even when my body feels like things are okay, my head convinces me that it’s most definitely not okay. But in this case, even my body was not okay.

And that’s not okay.

So, bright and early Saturday morning, it’s C25K Week 1, Day 1 all over again. If you’d like to cheer me on, please do! That 30 seconds is going to feel like a full minute!

And we’ll go from there. And then we’ll keep going. And then we’ll run a half marathon.

What are your half marathon experiences? Have you run one? Do you want to? Do you think Bec is insane? Tell us all about it! 

11 thoughts on “Couch to Excitement/Nervousness

    • Thank you! I need all the cheering I can get 🙂 And yeah, I’m a chronic overthinker. I need to work on being more of a chronic overdoer. Or just a doer.

  1. Listen man, if you figure out how that happened, let me know, okay? Because I kind of am not really sure how it happened, either.

    But you know what? We’re going to do it. We’re going to do it and be awesome, and hilarious, and exactly as bad-ass as a half marathon in Atlantic City calls for. The sweep up bus will not be sweeping us up, no ma’am.

    (Do I sound confident? Because I’m terrified. But we can be scared together. We run this motha!)

  2. Also, perhaps we should consider a theme. Costumes. Laverne and Shirley? (Mostly this comment is just so I can click the “notify me of follow-up comments” button, because I forgot to the first time.)

    • Ahem. There is no sweep bus. Although there are rickshaws and those dudes FOR REALS offered rides to runners. 😉

      Also, hi. You’ll be awesome.

      • What do you mean “there’s no sweep bus”? There has to be a sweep bus! What do they do with runners still on the course after say, the four hour mark?

        Do these rickshaw men want money? I usually don’t carry cash on me at a race…

        • It’s on the boardwalk so there’s no sweep bus. In fact, I don’t think they’d either kick you off/haul your ass to the finish. They’d let you finish and they’d give you a medal. DONE AND DONE.

          Hahaha, yes they want money. But since you don’t carry any during a race, I guess you won’t need to worry about that, now will you?

        • I thought it would make a good picture of me in the rickshaw but then I might have been tempted to just stay in there. I also wanted to stop and eat a funnel cake. There’s many temptations! 😉

          Bec is going to be amazing!!!

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