Chick Chat: What Moves You?

As I’ve mentioned before, I love to jam. If I’m awake, I’m either singing to myself or listening to the professionals on my iPod (they sound better). Sometimes I sing-talk. And by sometimes I mean all the time and mostly at work. My co-workers love me!

When it was my turn to host the chick chat post, of course I wanted to talk about music. Some of us jam to rock. Some of us to hip hop (hoorayyyy, ho, hey, ho). Some of us move to our own internal beat. We like to mix it up.

So, if you’re looking for music to move your tush to when you’re working up a sweat, or if you’re just curious what’s on our iPods, we’re sharing a few of our favorite songs to run to. Read on, friends!


1. Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida featuring David Guetta

Because it really can’t. I take it TO THE STREETS (with my crew, Jess and Cam).

2. You’re So Damn Hot – Ok Go

Because I am. So damn hot. And it’s nice to be reminded of that while running.

3. Kodachrome – Paul Simon

Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away! I kick it old school with this one and it always reminds me of my Icelandic friend, Bylgja!

4. Feel This Moment – Pitbull and Christina

I feel like Pitbull needs to be on every running list. Including my top five. (errrr, six)

5.  Titanium – David Guetta featuring Sia

Firstly, this song reminds me of Pitch Perfect, which was a fantastic movie. Secondly, I love the build of this song. It makes me feel invincible.

6. Harder Than You Think – Public Enemy

I first heard this song on last year’s UK Paralympics commercial last year. It stirred such a reaction within me, both the advertisement (go PR people!) and the song; it had to be mine.


I don’t listen to music as I run. It’s just the way I roll. I’d rather take the time to decompress, particularly after a busy or stressful day, which are par for the course in my line of work.

As I run, I replay my day, let my mind wander and focus on each breath. And that is music of a different sort.


1. Dog Days Are Over- Florence and the Machine

Well, it’s about running, right? Not really. Or maybe? It says “run” a lot, anyway. It also has a good beat and I love Florence.

2. Be My Thrill- The Weepies

This song makes me want to run FAST. Awesome beat.

3. The Thong Song- Sisqo

Seriously. It’s just fun and funny and if you’re hitting a wall during a race, or getting bored on the treadmill, it will completely distract you.

4. 369- Cupid featuring B.O.B.

Another song for fast running. And really, the entire Step Up 2: The Streets album is the jam.

5. What’s Your Fantasy- Ludicris

Haha, well, this has a great beat for running. It also makes me laugh and I know (and usually sing) all the words.


1. International Love – Pitbull

This song just has this kind of groove to it that makes me want to run. Or dance. Or dancerun. Don’t judge.

2. Gonna Fly Now – DeEtta Little and Nelson Pigford

If you don’t recognize it by name, this is the Rocky ‘steps’ song. Yes, I’m aware this is sort of corny. But I’m telling you, put this in your running playlist and when it pops up, it will make you smile and make you push a little harder.

3. Ride on Time – Black Box

If it were not for the cinematic genius that is 1992’s The Cutting Edge, I don’t think I would even know this song. But it rocks. “Gotta get up, gotta get up…” Awesome running jam.

4. She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult (What, I liked Moira Kelly movies in the early 90s. Sue me.)

Probably far from most people’s traditional running fare, this has been on every exercise playlist I’ve ever had.

5. Crazy B*#ch – Buckcherry or SuperMassive Black Hole – Muse

Yeah, I added two. But for a reason. You know those moments in a run when it’s really hard and you feel like you want to stop and the whole thing kind of feels like a big,  fat failure but you’ve only got a few minutes less and you really want to push through. Either or these songs will get you through the last four and a half minutes of any bad run.


1. Feed the Animals or All Day – Girl Talk

Hours of continuous music that includes every song I’ve ever loved ever?  YES PLEASE!  I like that it has a variant of speeds.  I can time my rests with the mix and anticipate when I’m going to make a big push for speed.  Mostly, this is what I run to always.  I only resort to the following when I’m feeling restless.

2. In Ghost Colours – Cut Copy

It’s just so happy!  It makes me feel magical and giddy, which is exactly how I want to feel when my legs feel like they’re trying to murder me.

3. Business Casual – Chromeo

This album makes me want to dance.  It’s one of the best distractions because all I can think about when I listen is shaking my booty.

4. Greatest Hits – Notorious B.I.G.

I know all the words.  It’s also awesome when I can’t help but rap out loud and someone ahead of glances back to see what all the gangsta is about.  Yeah, it’s about this bitch right here.

5. Funhouse or The Truth About Love – P!nk

This is my I am Woman, Hear me Roar music.  I feel like kicking ass and taking names when I run to P!nk.  It sets a great pace, and pushes me to run a little faster than my norm.


1. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

I love warming up to this when I’m running outside. It feels like the pulse of the city is moving through me.

2. Move Bitch – Ludacris

This is one of the few songs that can get me up the crazy hills of San Francisco. I’m moving, Luda, stop yelling at me!

3. Power – Kanye West

Kanye has some sick beats and this song in particular makes me feel like I could take on an army and come out triumphant. The world is ours, Yeezy.

4. Devil Town – Tony Lucca

Clear eyes, full hearts. This song makes me think of Coach Taylor and Friday nights and, of course, that dreamy Tim Riggins. I don’t know why it motivates me to keep running, but it’s one of my favorites to run to. Could be that sweet-spot mid-tempo beat. Or it could be because I’m so distracted daydreaming about being a part of the Friday Night Lights cast.

5. (You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin

My go-to cool down song. And oh, but I do feel like a Natural Woman when I’m done with a run: sweaty, out of breath, but also strong. No one sings the strong woman’s song better than Aretha.

What say you, peeps? Does music get you going? Or are you more in tune with your own internal soundtrack? Got any great new tunes for us? Come talk to us in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Chick Chat: What Moves You?

    • I love Imagine Dragons! I’m listening to “Radioactive” right now. Do you prefer running without music? This always fascinates me because I think I’d go insane without music!

      • I thought I would too, but yeah, I definitely prefer running without music now. It was kind if unplanned; I started noticing that the music was like noise in my ears while I ran.

  1. While I no longer run with music (it’s a crazy concept I know) hands down, one of my top pre-race/workout/get amped anthems is Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger.” However, LMFAO’s “Put That A$$ to Work” is definitely up there too (makes me want to drop it like a squat) and more recently Skrillex’ “Bangarang” because it just puts that ka-pow in my step!

    • Love it! What’s your reasoning behind running without music? Like I said to Lisa above, I’m in the “must listen” camp, but I’m always interested to hear about the other side!

  2. I love all of these songs. “Move Bitch” is actually one that I should have on my phone that I don’t… I think it would be perfect for about mile 11 of a half marathon… because that is when I really start cranking and passing all of the idiots who took it out too fast (you gotta run your own race!). I shall download it. Now.

  3. My favorite, last-push-up-the-hill-just-another-mile jam? Bieber. Because the tween’s got dope beatz (okay, really he has Luda, who had dope beatz). Whenever “Baby” or “All Around the World” come on, I can’t help but laugh and sing along.

    But, my favorite songs for long runs include Lana Del Ray’s “Off to the Races,” Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love,” Foster the People’s “Call it What You Want,” and when I’m needing a particular pump-up, Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” or John Williams “Olympic Fanfare,” because who doesn’t like to pretend they’re an Olympian when on mile 10?

    • Kyle, I think we’re music soul mates. I admit to having some Biebs on my iPod (the version with Luda, of course). Can’t help jamming to it.

      Bon Iver and Lana are on my “slow it down” running playlist. Sometimes I prefer to run to more chill music. It makes me appreciate the landscape around me a little more.

  4. I don’t know if this is a competition but Cam wins for including the thong song. love it! I’ve been listening to a lot of one direction lately… I understand if you have to judge me for that but I also listen to a lot of late 90’s early 00’s pop because its fun.

  5. All of me should be horrified by Kanye’s “New Workout Plan” and yet…it puts a little pep in my step. It’s a good song to power out those last few minutes with. Mid-run, I like to queue up “Extraordinary” by Liz Phair, because a little reminder of my awesomeness goes a long way.

    And my absolute, must-have song for the warm up portion? “The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne, because it just makes me happy, and puts me in the best headspace. This is especially true if I am not at all looking forward to the miles ahead.

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