So, have you heard of Ragnar?

I like to run.  I like to run with friends.  But when it comes to spending over thirty hours in two vans with eleven other sweaty, smelly, exhausted runners, all while covering almost two hundred miles…I AM AN ADDICT.

The Ragnar Relay Series takes the solitary sport of running and turns it into a team event.  Basically it goes down like this: a team of twelve rents two vans and takes turns leapfrogging through a two hundred mile course over two days.  Each runner takes on three legs of the race and each leg is about 5-7 miles long. Run. Sleep. Repeat.  Crazy, right?  YES!  What are you waiting for?  Being a Ragnar Ambassador, I’ve spoken with lots of people about Ragnar.  And I’ve heard lots of excuses.

My Mantra

Excuse #1 – I’m not ready for a Ragnar.

I am not a fast runner. I’m not an athlete.  I average a 13 minute mile.  I wear a size 14.  I am not “ready” for Ragnar.  But this April, I will complete my sixth race.  I am the slowest runner on my team but I am consistent.  I do my best, run my miles, and I contribute like everyone else.  If I can do this, anyone can.  I never in a million years thought I’d be able to run something like Ragnar.  But I did.  Five times.  And so can you.

Napa 2011

Excuse #2 – I can’t afford it.

Yeah, it’s expensive.  Especially if you have to travel.  But think of it this way: Ragnar is a  great way to see the rest of country.  There are Ragnar Relays all over the United States and one in Canada.  Ragnar also just started the Trail Series, where you run trails instead of streets and camp instead of drive from one exchange to the next.  How much would you spend to go sightseeing in your favorite city?  And how much of that city would you actually get to see?  I’ve raced in Washington, Las Vegas, Southern California, Napa Valley, and I am just dying to get on an East Coast team.  Turn your race into a runcation and see the country like you’ve never seen it before.

The Start Line at Las Vegas 2012. I had no idea Vegas could be so cold!

Taking time to enjoy the scenery in Washington.

On the beach in San Diego 2011

Excuse #3 – I don’t have 11 friends who run.

Really, you only need 5.  Each team of 12 is split into two vans.  While Van 1 runs, Van 2 is resting and vice versa.  If you can fill one van, chances are you can find someone else who can fill the other.  You can also find runners on the Ragnar site who are looking to fill those spots.  Our team, N.W.A, Ninjas with Attitude has had literally dozens of members. It’s a great way to make new friends from across the globe.

Las Vegas 2012

Northwest Passage 2012

SoCal 2012

Excuse #4 – I like to compete on my own and I need a challenge.

This is probably the best thing about Ragnar.  It’s designed for all fitness levels.  Do you want twenty miles on 3 hours of sleep?  We have a leg for you!  Do you want hills at one in the morning?  We have a leg for you too!  Do you want it all?  If you eat marathons for breakfast, you can join or create an Ultra team.  Instead of 12 people, you run with 6.  That means you can run like 50 miles over two days on very little sleep.  How’s that for a challenge?

Ultra Team Risky Business. They ran the whole thing in their UNDERWEAR. That’s hardcore!

While other’s slept, we ran!

So now that I’ve killed your excuses, here’s the one BIG reason why you should run Ragnar.  You become part of a community.  There are teams that compete for time and there are teams that run dressed in drag.  It doesn’t matter.  We’re all running the same course and it’s all about personal goals.  We’re in this together.  When you cross that finish line with your team, it doesn’t matter if you were the fastest or the slowest, if you puked or cried, you finished.  You’re a Ragnarian.

We represent!

Double medals, baby!

If you want more information, click the link to  There are videos, maps, blogs, stories and all kinds of good fun.  Find your Ragnar and I’ll see you on the course.  You might not see me, though.  Because I’m a ninja.

10 thoughts on “So, have you heard of Ragnar?

  1. Ragnar is so on my bucket list. I’m scared to death, but I want it, bad. My dream is the one in the Keys, because hi! At the end of it, you’re in Key West. In the meantime, if the N.W.A. ever need volunteers for the Chicago run, count me in!

    • Sweet!!! Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can. I’ve heard really good things about the Keys race! And Chicago too! Once you get bitten by the Ragnar bug, there’s no stopping you, though. You’re going to want to do them all!

      • I was nervous about my first Ragnar (WV Trail Relay 2013). It was tough. It rained; it was muddy; it was slippery and treacherous but that made it even more fun! The other runners were awesome and supportive. Upon completion I was moved by the feeling of accomplishment. The next day I was overwhelmed with sadness because it was all over so fast. So what did I do? I started looking for my next Ragnar! I was already scheduled for Key West 2014 so I was looking for any Ragnar I could do before that one. So I am thinking of Tennessee or Washington DC. It was so much fun! You can do it!

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