With A Little Help From My Friends

Do you work out best if you have a goal in mind? I know I do! I love exercising, but without a race waiting, it’s very easy for me to skip a run in favor of curling up with a book or sleeping (something I rarely get to do these days. Take a nap for me, okay?).

Last week, I registered for Disney’s Wine and Dine Half-Marathon. This nighttime race was my first half, back in 2011, so it’s fitting that it will (most likely) be my first half post- my cute baby boy’s arrival.

So, my goal is set. Great! But this race isn’t until November, which seems SO FAR AWAY. The little dude, who hasn’t even rolled over yet, will be almost a year old by then. It’s easy for me to crave time at the gym right now; I still have baby weight to lose. I’m also working on building a base for training. But staying on track until I begin a formal training plan feels incredibly daunting. It’s hot in Florida. I need a nap. All of my kids will be home every day this summer. There are piles of books on my nightstand. And did I mention my lack of sleep?

I want to know what gets you into the gym each day. As I’ve mentioned before, I meet a friend a few times a week to work out. That keeps me accountable for fitting it in, and I get to chat with her for an hour. (If you are a mama, you know that’s a luxury.) I have another sweet friend who lets me tag along on her runs when I can, even though she’s in marathon shape and I’m far from it.

My Facebook feed is all fitness (and babies, natch), all the time. Not surprising, considering I follow a pair of CrossFit gym owners, a Zumba instructor, a handful of personal trainers, a bikini competitor, and a bunch of runners, including my Scootadoot chicks. I have some fit friends! (Are you friends with us on Facebook yet?) When I check in each morning, at least one person has already posted about their daily workout, and I think, “If they’re getting their fitness on, then so can I.” I actually decided to run my first half-marathon because I saw someone post on Facebook about their experience.

Another way I connect with runners online is through Daily Mile. I joined the site last January because I wanted to see how many miles I had run by the end of the year. After a while, I discovered that it wasn’t just an easy way to track my training, it also allowed me to see what my friends were doing, and cheer them along, too. (It also tells me how many donuts I’ve worked off, which is sort of the same as saying, “Brooke, you can eat THIS MANY donuts.” *fist pump*)

Isn’t social media great for fitness? I’m excited to start training for my race. Until then, I’ll be logging my miles on the treadmill, on Daily Mile, and talking about it here, with all of you.

Are you training for any races right now? What gets you into the gym each day? Do you use social media to track your progress and chat with others? What’s your favorite kind of donut? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Let’s get the most important thing out of the way. Boston Cream. I’m really good at staying away from other donuts, but the Boston Cream is my kryptonite.

    I love Daily Mile for workout related stuff. My facebook feed is a curious mix, and I always worry that no one wants to hear about my taxing night at the gym, so I try to keep my stuff there a little less frequent. (True story, the people I work with think that anything you put on facebook is fair game for discussion at work. Umm, no. Boundaries, people.) Seeing what my other “runner friends” are up to is inspiring, and you can give out little motivation badges. I’m a sucker for sticker!

    No runs coming up, although I’m eyeballing one in a week or so, and another in April. I get “points” through my insurance company, and the points translate into nice things like Amazon gift cards. I’m a big, big fan of free money, so 15 points per workout, or 250 points per 5K gets me in gear. Some days it’s the only thing that works.

  2. My brother-in-law did Wine and Dine last year. I will get a Disney race in one day. I grew up in Orlando, so I feel like I should race down there at least once in my life 😉

    • I just put together that we’ve spoken on twitter. Hello! And yes, do a Disney race at least once. If I didn’t live here, I’m not sure I’d do so many, because they are really crowded. They’re definitely fun though!

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