Couch to Cash?

And then there was no running.

This week did not go according to plan. There were Parent Teacher Conferences and doctor’s appointments and work commitments.

All of which I would have tried to work around, if I were not sick. Which I am.

Feel my joy.

I am so, SO ready for the winter to be over. I want to open my windows and air out the germs we keep passing back and forth between the four of us. I want to run at the track (I thought about it last week… the track has not been cleared of snow). I want to eat salads and not feel cold.


Bring on the Spring. Bring on the warm weather. Bring on the feeling of rebirth that accompanies the end of winter.


So, with no running to speak of, what shall we talk about?

Diet. And money.

These things are not related, Bec…

Says you. Pull up a chair and I will tell you how you can lose weight and make money at the same time.

Two words. Diet. Bet. Actually, on word. Dietbet.

I’ve been looking for something to jump start my journey to losing the weight, and I think maybe this is it. Maybe it isn’t, but I’m hopeful.

The basic idea is that everyone pays a buy-in fee ($25 in this case) and everyone that loses 4% of their body weigh in 28 days gets a share of the pot.

Have I mentioned that the pot is currently over $25,000?

Now, I have no illusions that of the 1000+ people signed up, I’ll be the only one who loses 4%. Far from it. But even if EVERYONE loses 4%, I get my money back. Anything less than 100% of the people reaching that goal means I make money.

I like money. And I like losing 4% of my body weight (50 times over will get me to goal). So, overall, I’m super excited!

This particular Dietbet challenge is hosted by Olivia and Hannah from Biggest Loser, both of whom are fabulous and have an awesome site, MyFitspiration. Both of these amazing women have transformed their lives and their bodies through diet and exercise. That’s what I want to do!

Biggest Loser never fails to inspire me. Is it sensational and heavily edited and manipulatively pulling at my emotions? Of course it is. But every year, I see someone up there that starts at my weight and kicks butt and I think ‘Bec, you can do this.”

I can do this.

So, we have a plan! Wait…that’s not a plan. That’s a goal.

What is the plan? I toyed with going back to Weight Watchers, either meetings or online, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t want to. I know Weight Watchers works for many people, but it’s never worked for me long term, and truth be told, I hate the idea of paying for something with such a basic principal.

I know what to eat. I know what needs to be kept in moderation. I know how to do this.

I just have to do it. (Why is it so hard, then???)

So, for 28 days, starting 3/18, I’ll be using My Fitness Pal to (religiously) track my food. If you are on My Fitness Pal, feel free to find me, friend me, and send me messages to keep my ass in line.

I’ll be eating a healthy, with as little processed food as I can manage. Because that’s not just good for losing weight, it’s good for me. And I’m going to try and keep it pretty low carb, since those are my downfall.

And I’ll be running, so don’t think this is the last of my Couch to _____ whining posts. Next week, we’ll be right back to Couch to Complete Insanity. Or Couch to Dead on the Treadmill. Or something like that.

So, wish me luck? Not that I need it. Because, while 4% loss in 28 days is no joke, luck isn’t going to get me there.

Work is. So, wish we success in making it work?

Yeah, that works.

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