We’ve got a winner right here! (Three, actually!)

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our first giveaway for the very awesome City Sports t-shirts!  We appreciate the early support of our blog.  This is just a little way of us giving back to you, thanking you for reading and caring about what we have to say! Hopefully we’ll have more great giveaways in the upcoming months.

Our three winners were chosen by Random.org from the 101 entries we received over the past week.

*Drum roll, please*

Shannon – HighFunctioningMomism
Kate – Lost In a Book Somewhere
James – @jaymelow

Congratulations to Shannon (Philly shirt), Kate (Boston shirt) and James (Philly shirt)!  We salute you!

0 thoughts on “We’ve got a winner right here! (Three, actually!)

    • Very excited that you’re along for the ride, Shannon! When you get a chance, let us know what size and cut you’d like. We’re going to City Sports this weekend!

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