Bon voyage, BOB

In second grade, I wrote a story called “Unfortunately, Fortunately”. It went a little something like this:

Once upon a time, it was a beautiful day so Meridith and Jenereesa went to the park.

Unfortunately, there was a bear that came out of nowhere and started to chase them!

Fortunately, there were many places for them to run.

Unfortunately, there was a cliff! (In New Jersey? Really, little 2nd grade Meridith?)

Fortunately, as they jumped off the cliff to get away from the bear, there was a cloud pillow to catch them.

And so and so forth. Don’t worry, Meridith and Jenereesa are both alive and well and still intact. I know that was so believable that you’d be concerned.

Anyway, I’m having a bit of an “Unfortunately, Fortunately” moment here and now, at age 36. (No bears are involved.) As Jess mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve sent her the BOB Revolution.

My final moments with BOB.

My final moments with BOB were spent cleaning. This is my life.

While I’m overjoyed to know that one of my prized possessions is still going to be put to good use, I’m a little sad. Let’s take a trip down Meridith memory lane, shall we?

I got BOB as a birthday present from my husband. Who asks for a stroller for her birthday? This girl.

Storybook Land with my Pooks.

Storybook Land with my Pooks.

Originally I got the BOB because I taught Stroller Strides and I needed a stroller that was easily maneuverable, both on and off-road. I needed an awesome stroller. And the BOB was/is/and always will be awesome.

Pregnant with Littleberry at Longwood Gardens.

Pregnant with Littleberry at Longwood Gardens.

After Littleberry was born, Pooks “graduated” from the BOB to preschool and Littleberry took over.

Little was 6 months old when we visited Disneyland in CA.

LB was 6 months old when we visited Disneyland in CA.

The BOB was used for everything. No other stroller measured up to its supreme awesomeness so I didn’t even bother with others. After a couple of failed prior attempts, when I started (really) running in 2011, BOB was ready to roll.

And so was this kid!

And so was this kid!

Both kids loved cruising along – I have very fond memories of them telling me “Faster, mommy! Faster!” And of thinking, My goodness, children, Mommy is going AS FAST AS SHE CAN. You try pushing this and running. Only I didn’t say “my goodness” in my head.

As you can see, I’ve a lot of moments with my kids that involved the BOB stroller. And I suppose that’s why it’s a bit bittersweet to send it along to Jess. I know it’s going to the best place ever and will be treated with love and respect.

I am also fully cognizant of the fact that it’s a thing and not possible of emoting any type of feelings. (I guess.)

It will have the hills of San Francisco! The safety strap will get use (it’s a little flat around these parts)! It will have Bug as a passenger and Jess and Mister Jess, some of my all time favorite people.

But this is sort of the end of a era for my family. We’ve started giving away baby clothes. We no longer need strollers.

We’ve graduated. I wouldn’t say that’s unfortunate… it’s just time to transition. Change is hard for me, okay?


Just don’t make me get rid of the Big Red yet.

Fortunately, I know the BOB has a lot of miles left in its tires (p.s. Jess, they need air) and Jess is just the Chick for the job.

Fare thee well, BOB. Hopefully I’ll see you soon because I miss Jess and I’m slightly jealous that I’m not the one being packed up and shipped out to her.

What changes have you gone through in life that have made you a little sad, along with the happy? Did you have to write an “Unfortunately, Fortunately” story in 2nd grade? Aren’t my children adorable?