Do You Believe In Signs?

For the past few months, I’ve been considering running a full marathon. It’s one of those things that I keep saying, “Well, that might be nice to do someday” which is a drastic change from the “Oh hell no!” declaration I made when I first began running three years ago.

I have my eyes set on the Philadelphia Marathon and with registration opening tomorrow, it’s decision time. Of course there are some reservations I have about signing up. Primarily, plantar fasciitis foot pain after a long run and the fact that… well, 26.2 is a ridiculously long distance to run. But never mind that.

Let’s discuss the various signs that are pointing to YES, MERIDITH, YOU NEED TO DO THIS!


#1 Registration is tomorrow and tomorrow is my birthday.

Registrations cost money (yeah, I’m one of those crazy people who pays for my races) and I need to buy myself a birthday present! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The laying out the money is the easy part of this whole shebang.

#2 The Philadelphia Marathon keeps posting things like this on their Facebook.

photo via Philadelphia Marathon

photo via Philadelphia Marathon

I think they are trying to lure me with the promise of water, Gatorade, and flying cups. It’s working, Philadelphia Marathon, it’s working.

#3 Philadelphia Marathon is where I watched my first marathon, ran my first road race (the 8k), volunteered and cheered for Kyle.

That’s right, I’ve actually been at the Philadelphia Marathon for the past four years but haven’t participated in the half or full. That obviously needs to change. If I’m going to be there ANYWAY, I might as well be running.

4 years ago when Victoria finished her first marathon - the inspiration to get moving!

4 years ago when Victoria finished her first marathon – the inspiration to get moving!

#4 I ran the Back on My Feet 5 Miler this weekend (and was in good company with Karen, Cyanne, and Hollie). Karen and I stuck together; within the first mile, our conversation turned to the Philadelphia Marathon. We chatted about pros and cons and thoughts on signing up. During the second mile, we turned a corner, only to face a steep hill.

And this was right in the middle of the street…


Karen says it best on her Instagram photo. (That’s the Philadelphia Marathon logo.)

#5 The time factor. In September my Little kiddo starts full day Kindergarten. Pooks will be in 4th grade. I’m going to have all this free time. (That’s said sarcastically.) But I will have a bit more time to run during the day and maybe even get some of my long runs done on a weekday rather than a weekend.

I could tell you all the doubts, nervousness and negative thoughts (what if, you can’t, but your foot…) swaying me in the other direction but I’d much rather focus on the signs that point to YES.

Have you run a marathon? How did you decide to make the leap? Will I actually do this tomorrow??? (I’m sort of freaking out.)