Gimme a Beat!

Searching for running music can be tedious, yet the right rhythm can make all the difference.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of upping the fun factor for me, so I tend to favor music that I can sing along to.  It’s not uncommon to find me on the course spitting phat rhymes with Biggie.  I like music that makes me feel powerful, something that accentuates my swagger and funk and general badassness.

In an effort to increase my running speed, I’m contantly on the lookout for new music. Guess what???  BPM isn’t just for Dubstep anymore!  Poking around on the interwebs, I found this site, Run2Rhythm, which has some interesting information regarding the beats per minute (BPM) of music and running pace.

Highlights include music available for download, nifty charts for determining optimum BPM for different distances, and mixes for all music tastes.  Eventually, for the very savvy and self-aware, you can customize your running mix to allow for changes in speed, cadence, distance and elevation.  You can plan your entire race using your music!

I’ve also found some excellent running stations on Pandora. I’ve found these stations excellent for “zoning out” tunes because it’s mostly instrumental music that takes my mind of the miles.  I like this kind of music for treadmill runs.  Because really, I’d rather cut my legs off than run on a treadmill.  When it’s my only option, I definitely need the distraction.  Best of all, Pandora is FREE!!!

So what music gets you to bust a move?  Or do you scoot all natural and prefer the rhythm of your own pulse in your ears and your feet on the pavement?  Gimme the goods!