Stocking The Milk Bar

Happy Wednesday, runners! So, I guess it’s (unofficially) boob week for the Scoot chicks. Today, I’m going to talk about breastfeeding. If you aren’t a nursing mama, or planning to be a nursing mama, this might not be very interesting to you. Just giving you a heads up!

Also, I am neither a lactation consultant nor a doctor. All advice is based on my own experience. If you have any nursing issues, please see a lactation consultant or a doctor.

Before I had my first baby, I set a goal to nurse for one year. We made it there- and beyond- and I was lucky, it was pretty easy. (Not a lot of sleep, but the breastfeeding part? Easy peasy.)

With my second girl, my goal was to nurse for as long as I had for the first- 17 months. I know it’s silly, but I wanted them to be equal. It was trickier at first (hello, latch issues), but nothing would stop me. Even though my pump broke on a cruise, which sent my supply on a downward spiral, we still did it.

With this little dude, my goal is the same; 17 months, at least. And to find all the adorable nursing-friendly clothing that Anthro has to offer. (Which is a lot! Strapless maxi dresses, friends. They’ve all found a home in my closet.)

I love breastfeeding. It’s an awesome way to bond with your babe. It’s amazing to see them grow and know that you are responsible for nourishing that development. It makes you feel good and for some (me, at least with the first two babies), it helps you drop all pregnancy weight and then some.

Nursing plus exercise, though? That was something I wasn’t sure about doing. I’d always heard that exercise could affect one’s milk supply, so with the Little Miss (my oldest), I proceeded with caution. I didn’t begin exercising until she was about seven months old, because my supply was well-established by that time. Turns out, my fear was unfounded. I’m sure there are mothers who see a supply dip when working out, but research shows that breastfeeding and exercise can mix with no ill effects to one’s supply. YAY!

Still, I have a few strategies for maintaining a healthy milk supply while working on my fitness.

Eat a healthy diet. I’m not talking about dieting. I’m talking about eating well-balanced, healthy meals and snacks. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, protein. I try to start my day with oatmeal because some say it can boost milk supply. It definitely doesn’t hurt it. (And I love oatmeal.)


Triple berry oatmeal. My favorite breakfast!

Drink a lot of water. Not a problem, because nursing makes me thirsty ALL. THE. TIME. I carry my water bottle with me everywhere.


The back of this bottle reads “Because I really really really like dessert.” YEP.

Nurse before and after workouts. I nurse on-demand, and all the kids were/are frequent nursers (snackers, ha) so this is an easy one for me. I also think it helps to prevent clogged milk ducts, that might start to form from my compression sports bra.

Yep, this happened. I'm a multi-tasker. (Or I forgot to do my wall sit before I started nursing.)

Yep, this happened. I’m a multi-tasker. (Or I forgot to do my wall sit before I started nursing.)

Let’s all enjoy this magical, sleep-deprived time. Drink your water, get your run on, and trust me, get to Anthropologie.

Sources: Kelly Mom and La Leche League

Any nursing mamas out there? What helps you maintain your milk supply while staying active? Where have you found cute dresses for Spring (nursing-friendly or otherwise)?