I See Streakers!

Ah, December. Lights and menorahs and elves deck the halls. Santas are running; people are donning their gay apparel, or Ugly Sweaters, for either festivities or runs (or both).

And there are streakers all over the place!

This marks my second year participating in the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak (which Brooke blogged about it last month). While Scoot a Doot was just a twinkle in our eye, I wrote about the streak last year on my tumblr (on this very day, might I add).

Having this goal of running every day is really working for me.  Instead of feeling like it’s a chore, I make the time for it and get it done.  In the old days (you know, so far ago – last year) I would wake up before everyone in the family and get my runs in.  Now, with our gym schedule – Jay going MWF, me T/Th – that won’t work.  But I have three hours where both kids are in school and those are prime.

Errands get done T/Th since I get to kick ass earlier in the morning. Works for me.  Of course it’s not perfect and with the kids having half days all next week, I might be screwed for time, but I am going to PUSH for at least a mile to happen each day.

Not a whole lot has changed since then in regards to timing. My kids even have half days all next week – parent/teacher conferences fall at the same time every year. However, the streak is alive and I’m making it happen!

In this very busy season of celebrations, choir concerts, PTO events, and family fun I need to actively carve out a piece of time that is solely and completely for me. I’m able to tune out the daily outside influences and come out the other side of my mile(s) with a clearer mind. It’s much like yoga in that respect.

Vic’s mantra of “anyone can run a mile” remains at the forefront of my mind when I’m not really feeling the run. It can be nine and a half minutes if I’m motoring and just need to get one mile in; it can be a thirteen minute mile if I am jamming out to my iPod and not really caring about the speed. Alternatively, it can be multiple miles in an hour. I’m not currently training for a race so achieving the small increments of miles really works within this 35 day stretch.

And while the time running gives me a chance to recharge and sort my thoughts, I don’t feel like I’m truly alone because hello, social media!

Hashtagging on Twitter and Instagram connects me with other streakers. Additionally, I’m participating in Karen and Cyanne’s Challenge Loop. (Both of whom I get to meet this weekend – yeehaw!) Checking in each day and posting pictures there keeps me accountable.

Thanksgiving Day = day 1 of the streak!

Thanksgiving Day = day 1 of the streak!


We all need a little inspiration sometimes.

Rocking out to VH1 Classics on day 4 - Cyndi Lauper and Madonna were both favorites.

Rocking out to VH1 Classics on day 4 – Cyndi Lauper and Madonna were both favorites.

I plan to finish the year out strong, with a happy mind and body!


What are you doing within the month of December to get your “me time” in? Have you ever streaked before or participated in a Challenge Loop?