Kyle is a Four Athletics Ambassador!

I don’t know about you, but if I could wear workout clothes every day, I would. I think I bring this up at least once a week at work, lamenting the fact that our dress code doesn’t include athleisure wear.

Consequently, I’m pretty sure I own more workout clothes than normal human clothes, primarily because my time spent away from work is either at the gym or doing something active outside. Also because I really just like wearing leggings and short shorts on the regular. They’re so much more comfortable than jeans or jorts. And they can look just as cute.

Unfortunately, my habit gets expensive – why does sweat-wicking spandex have to be so pricey?! It’s just unfair that Run Times shorts and Wunder Unders (yes, Lulu, I’m looking at you) have to cost more than a week’s groceries. (Side-eyeing so hard right now.)

I need to save myself from myself.

Wouldn’t you know that one of my favorite podcasts had a solution for me. The ladies at Girls Gone WOD Podcast, Joy and Claire, always talk about Four Athletics – one of their favorite apparel companies. I’ve been listening to these ladies for a while and not only are they super hilarious and smart, they also take their conversation beyond just working out… and when they endorse something, it’s because they use it, and genuinely believe in its quality.So, when they mentioned Four Athletics, I was immediately interested. Primarily because I love workout clothes, which we’ve established. When they added that Four Athletics had started an ambassador program, I was really interested. I said to myself, “self, get thee some of these clothes and figure out if you want to ambassador them.”

As fate would have it, I LOVED what I received. I grabbed a pair of running shorts (that are JUST like Lulus and even better in my opinion), and a tank. The shorts are exactly what I wanted – and significantly more affordable. The tank is soft and comfortable and good for all types of workouts and even when worn as a shirt to work. Ahem. Oops.

This tank is THE BEST. And these shorts are too. I wear them All.The.Time.

Four Athletics has an incredible brand statement that I am 100% behind:

We knew there had to be a better way. Premium active wear was becoming increasingly overpriced and the affordable options were not holding up to our rigorous lifestyles. To top it all off, we found almost no options that were made in the USA. We decided to do something about it.
Four uses crowdfunding to match up supply and demand, ensuring that costs the product is high quality while costs stay low. Economics was hard in high school, but this equation is one I actually get – and it’s cool!
We only make what is wanted, eliminate waste, cut out the middleman, and deliver a premium quality product at a fraction of the retail price. It’s more efficient, more responsible, and USA made. It’s a better way.
It should come as no surprise that I joined the ambassador program, so that I could reap the benefits of spreading the word about Four Athletics and get all my peeps on board, too.

I ordered these beauties and now I’m just waiting for them to get here. I can’t WAIT.

In addition to their core collection, they’ve just released printed and colored leggings. Dude. These are too fun and I need them in my life… and my gym. Stat. So do you! Go check out Four Athletics today, and feed your need for comfortable, affordable, stylish, American Made workout gear.
If you use my ambassador code: kpjennings15, you’ll receive 15% off your purchase.

LuBelle Fit Review and Giveaway

Shopping, running and reading are three of my favorite things. If I could figure out how to combine all three, I totally would. (Actually, I haven’t tried audio books on a run. Hmmm…) Shopping and running go hand-in-hand though, don’t they? Runners always need new gear. Just nod your head, please. (See, husband? Everyone here agrees with me.)

My athletic attire often becomes my momoflage, as I take the kids to school before (or sometimes after- stand back) my workout. Naturally, I want something pretty, as well as functional.

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when LuBelle Fit offered to send me one of their t-shirts. LuBelle Fit is an active apparel brand that opened this past July by two mother runners. The shirts range from flowy to slim fit, to performance-wicking bamboo.

I received the Run For Your Life tank just in time for my weekly long run. This organic tank is a blend of 67% Bamboo Lyocell, 29% cotton and 4% spandex jersey. You know those t-shirts they sell at Anthropologie for $80, that you want to live in because they’re soft and super comfortable? This tank is even better than those. The first word that came to mind when I opened the package was “luxurious.” I loved the fun graphic and the beautiful color for fall too.


How did it perform? It felt great during my long run in humid (and sunny, then rainy, then sunny again) Florida. It’s lightweight and doesn’t get clingy once you start to sweat. The fit is true to size and it washed beautifully too. Full disclosure? I wore it on Sunday and ordered another style on Monday morning. (The Aqua Heart tank- a design that is even more lovely and detailed in person. And in one of my favorite colors!)


LuBelle Fit is adding new designs and retiring old ones as they go. They’re also going to offer long sleeve tees for fall. I’m a fan! I can’t wait to see what these gals come up with next.

LuBelle Fit was sweet enough to offer a top to a Scoot reader, and it’s the winner’s choice! Just click on the happy little rafflecopter pic below. Giveaway ends at midnight (Eastern time) on 10/16.


Disclaimer: I received one LuBelle Fit tank to review. All opinions are my own.