Product Review: Buff Butter

Confession: I love nut butter. Truly, madly, deeply. I have quite a collection going, so when I caught wind of Buff Butter on Instagram, I knew I had to try it.

If you haven’t heard of Buff Butter, it is a line of high quality nut butters with added whey protein. Depending on the flavor, you’ll also see things like hemp, chia and flax seeds and organic coconut palm sugar. And, it comes in awesome flavors like Snickerdoodle Almond Butter and Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter, just to name a couple.

I reached out to the folks at Buff Bake (I’ll explain a little more about the name in just a minute) and they generously offered to send me some for a review. Score!

And then, when the box arrived, SCORE!


The Fabulous Butter Boys

The Fabulous Butter Boys

It seriously had the hardest time deciding which one to try first. The struggle is real, guys. (I went with Snickerdoodle Almond!)

I’ve been consciously working on getting more protein into my diet, specifically at breakfast, since it helps keep me satisfied longer than carbs, and Buff Butter is an easy and delicious way to get some extra grams in. (I’ll be posting Friday mornings throughout September with higher protein breakfast ideas, if that is your jam. I won’t really be posting about jam much, unless I decide to make a Buff Butter and Jam sandwich, which now that I mention it…. sorry, I got a little caught up there.)


ANYWAY, from a protein standpoint, Buff Butters have impressive stats. Compared to regular natural peanut butter, the protein is doubled, the fat is less, carbs are just a hair higher and the calories are neck in neck. (2 TBSPs of creamy natural peanut butter has 190 calories, 16 grams of fat, 7 grams of carbs and 7 grams of protein. 2 TBSPs of Cinnamon Raisin Buff Butter has 194 calories, 12 grams of fat, 8 grams of carbs and 14 grams of protein).

That’s a nutritional win/win for me. But, let’s face it, regardless of nutritional stats, if it tastes like crap, I’m not going to eat it. So, let’s talk about flavors.

Snickerdoodle Almond – This was by far my favorite. Which isn’t that surprising, since I prefer almond butter to peanut butter as a rule. But this was GOOD. Cinnamon-y and sweet, this was my perfect combo. Preferred serving method: on spoon.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter – A very close second. I love, love, love chocolate and peanut butter flavors together. Preferred serving method: on whole grain toast or bagel flats with sliced bananas.

Breakfast of Chocolate Chip Champions

Breakfast of Chocolate Chip Champions

Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter – Third, but almost tied with Chocolate Chip. It’s like delicious fall in my mouth. Preferred serving method: with sliced Granny Smith apples or over WBO (Whipped Banana Oatmeal).

Buff Party!

Buff Party!

Cranberry Coconut Peanut Butter – I actually wasn’t a fan of this flavor. I wanted to be, since cranberries run though my New England bloodstream and I LOVE coconut, but this one just didn’t do it for me.

Three out of four is damn good. And since I first heard of them, they’ve added another flavor to their line up. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t speak to how it tastes, but I have just two words. Cookie Butter. I’m obsessed with regular Cookie Butter, but it’s not really a nut butter at all, it’s crushed up cookies. Buff is now selling Cookie Butter Almond Butter.

Price wise, Buff Butters are competitive with other natural nut butters I’ve purchased. 12 ounces jars are just under $11 for peanut flavors and just under $14 for almond varieties. They also have 3.5 ounce squeeze packs, so you can try the different flavors out. And hey, if you fall in love with the stuff the way I did, you can buy variety packs that bring the price down a bit. I firmly believe you get what you pay for, and I would consider these well worth the price.

So, why is it Buff BAKE? Because they also sell Buffins, which are high protein muffins. I haven’t tried these yet, but I totally plan to.

Long story review short, Buff Bake gets a total thumbs up from me. If you are looking for ways to get more protein in, this is a delicious and easy one.

Do you love nut butter? Which flavor would you most like to try?