Safety First with ROADiD (25% coupon code!)

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For those who have read ScootaDoot since we began in 2013, you know I’ve been a ROADiD fan from the get-go. From the Stretch to the Elite, I’ve worn just about every stand-alone ROADiD that’s been designed.

As has my family!

However more than once, I’ve gotten out onto the trail for a run, only to realize that I’d forgotten my ROADiD at home. I usually try to carry very little while on a run… but sometimes I end up with TOO little. What can I say, I’ve gotten forgetful in my ol’ age.

When BibRave put out the call to test ROADiD’s Sidekick ID, which fit to the watchband of my Garmin, I was on board!

Ordering from ROADiD is simple. Honestly the hardest choices I had to make were:

  1. Which faceplate color I’d get.
  2. What I wanted the final line of my ROADiD to say.

In regards to the faceplate, I could NOT decide between the Graphite and Rose Gold. But guess, what… I have two watches so WHY NOT GET BOTH?

My black Forerunner 935 is my go-to for running and working out so I chose my go-to “I CAN & I WILL” for the last line.

The vivomove HR is my everyday watch, it’s the one I wear when I want to be a bit more “fancy”. I’m using that term very liberally here. I went with “GET UP AND GO” for my motivational 5th line.

There are two sizes for the Sidekick ID, 13MM (which works on Fitbit watches) and the 19MM, which is perfect for the Garmin watchbands. When wearing either of my watches, they sit flush to the curve of my wrist.

Getting my yoga on in my basement… still safe!

What I truly love about the Sidekick on my watchbands is that I no longer have to think about taking the extra step, adding the extra bracelet. That information is always right there with me. I’ve been very fortunate in that nothing has ever happened where I needed my ROADiD but it’s very comforting to know that it’s there, just in case.

With social distancing orders still in place here in New Jersey, I’ve been going on solo runs (and mostly sticking to working out at home, to be perfectly honest). The more I plan to get outside, I feel more confident and secure having a ROADiD on my wrist.

From my favorite running spot (in January).

Additionally, I love supporting companies that are fantastic with customer service. ROADiD is one of those companies and it comes through in their messaging. Good stuff right there!

Want to pick up a ROADiD of your own? You can use the code SAVE25BRP to save 25% off any ROADiD on their website.

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10 thoughts on “Safety First with ROADiD (25% coupon code!)

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  2. The Sidekick is seriously the easiest ID ever! I graciously ask my husband to install/put together EVERYTHING for me. But I did this myself in two seconds flat. And then you’re all set up and ready to rock! (I also giggled that you have two watches with two IDs.) Love ya!

  3. I’m drooling over here in regards to your two watches! I’ve been eyeing the vivomove HR. Do you love it or should I go with a different model? (Oh, and I love your ROADiDs too!)

    • I DO love it! I got it as a holiday gift and it’s been fantastic. It needs charging more frequently than the Forerunner but I usually try to remember to put it on the charger every night. 🙂

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  5. Love this! Love the white with rose gold! And I agree that the sidekick is the easiest thing ever! No worries about forgetting it unless you forget your watch and that rarely happens lol!

    • Right? I can forget a lot of things on a run but my watch is NEVER one of them! 😉 Thanks for swinging by, Lisha!!!

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