Holiday Traditions (Running and otherwise)

What I like best about the holidays are the traditions that come along with them. This year, as I’ve done for the past few, I joined in The Light Run.

Although it nearly did not happen.

My son, Lucas, and I registered for this way back at the beginning of October. At only $14 (and the request for unwrapped toys), this untimed fun run is great and supports local charities.

That said, I think both Lucas and myself were feeling a little overwhelmed with all the stuff we’ve got going on. He had a few tests in school coming up, a band concert to rehearse for, and he was voicing his concern about getting it all done. (He is his mother’s son, for sure.)

Rather than getting stressed about it, I asked him what he would like to do. Between you and I, I wasn’t really feeling it but I also didn’t want to SAY that to him. This is a good hobby that we both share so if he wanted to run, we’d run.

A few years ago it was bitter cold and there was a 5k route and a 1-ish mile route. That year we ran the shorter route. He asked if we could recreate that this year and of course, I was happy to oblige. Since it was a fun run, there was no added pressure about what we did or did not accomplish.

While the rest of the runners went off straight at the beginning to do the first larger loop, we peeled off on our own journey. We were completely solo but thankfully we’d printed out directions and there were signs along the way to mark where we needed to turn.

Soon enough we came to the main event, the Hagerty Lights display. Lucas loves it, I love it, and naturally Santa and Mrs. Claus love it too. Santa asked Lucas what he wanted and when he told him he was asking for a weight set, Santa actually took some time to talk to him about weight lifting and making sure he makes smart choices. It was very sweet.

Notice how I say that everything is our favorite? Um, yes. We just love to love and it’s easy at to do at this lavish display.

You can tell how much hard work and effort this family and their neighbors put into hosting this free show each year. They have an area set up for donations so I made sure to bring money (and a little extra, because I’ve forgotten during past years!).

Once we finish our quick jaunt through the streets of Pitman, Lucas and I both agreed that we were really happy we decided to do it. No regrets!

Creating new traditions is always fun too. I’m currently doing the “no rain dance” because tomorrow I’m volunteering at the Elf ‘n Coca Run representing Healthy Kids Running Series. I’ll be handing out medals at the finish line of the kids mile race and I am very excited for that!

Tomorrow evening we are going on a train ride through a light show with my extended family. This is a new to us activity as well but I’ve heard good things so we’ll see what it’s all about.

And next weekend (right before Christmas, omg), Rachel is coming back for round two of baking with the Daniels! Will my cookie design reign supreme over all the land? We shall see!

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

3 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions (Running and otherwise)

  1. How incredibly special and what a beautiful tradition to share with your son Lucas. Our son Paul Lucas was 52 yesterday and like your son he is the light of our lives. I just love the photo of you and Lucas with the lights around his neck. I especially loved the fact that although you didn’t do the 5 mile……you and Lucas pretty much kept the tradition alive by doing the 1 mile. How special it was that you shared that 1 mile together without the crowd.
    Both our son Paul and his brother Tom share the tradition of decorating their usually huge Christmas trees that are truly a beauty to behold. They are pretty fussy about proper placement of all their specialty Christmas balls that they received from us and those they have given to their own children from the time they were little. My hubby began this tradition and I think/hope my grandchildren will continue to find it an important part of our Christmas. When my boys were little I used to bake a birthday cake for Jesus……..not sure how old they were when I stopped. I don’t know if you saw Paul’s trees on Facebook. He does 2… in the huge foyer and one in the living room……just spectacular.

    • Thanks so much, Jean! It really is a special tradition that we share together and while it might have taken us a few extra minutes to get out the door, we were so glad that we did it. I know that it might not be something he’ll always want to do with me so I’ll take what I can get, while I can get it!

      I love seeing everyone’s trees on Facebook, Paul’s looks great! I think that it’s so special that your kids are fussy about where their Christmas balls go on the tree – it shows the importance of tradition and I’m sure it’s something they’ll pass along to their kids too.

      Merry Christmas, Jean! I miss you!

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