Be Cool, Sodapop

Summer! Don’t you just love it?

Okay, I know it isn’t “technically” summer just yet, but I live in south Florida. It’s the land of perpetual summer. Except when it’s hurricane season.

This week I tried a vlog to talk about how to stay cool and hydrated this summer. Apologies in advance for being super awkward.


I love this Cool It skirt!

Leave me some comments about how you stay cool.

5 thoughts on “Be Cool, Sodapop

  1. That top/skirt is super cute! I think that I’m going to have to invest in a few new running gear items soon – I tend to wear mine until they DIE and then I’m sorta stuck with crappy stuff (like now, for example).

    Anyway, I too love those cooling towels! They are the best and I have multiple ones. A friend of mine from the gym actually gave them as a little holiday gift one year too (not the runDisney ones) which I thought was a great idea.

    The humidity here has been rough the past few days so I’m just trying not to melt.

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