Your Banana Phone Is Ringing

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The headlines do not lie – especially the ones posted on the ONION.

Report: Bananas Still Most Popular Fruit For Pretending To Receive Phone Call

After having 3 people tag/text/share this hilarious “report” with me (Thanks Cyanne, Jes, and Jenn!), I started reminiscing about days gone by with my very own banana phones… and realizing just how many pictures I had with bananas pressed to my ear (shhhh, just go with it).

You want to see, don’t you?

Well, since it’s the season of giving, I’ll gladly share with you! You are most welcome!

I believe this was my very first banana call – to the president at the Nike Women’s Half.

From there it was game on! If there was a banana, I was either making a call or receiving one. I’m very important in the banana phone community.

Chatting while my younger son eats my post-race food. AC 10k, 2014.

Newsies banana phone – runDisney half 2015.

The first of many banana phone conversations with Chrissy! Broad Street 2015

Shocking news on the Bolder Boulder banana phone with Jenn, 2015.

Beat the Blerch 2015, “Mom, I’m still alive” banana phone call. Don’t worry, I called her on the cell after this picture in case the call didn’t go through.

Philly half 2015, train banana phone. Service is really crappy underground.

Atlantic City April Fool’s Half, 2016 – we are happy we didn’t blow away banana phone call.

Ash tweeted me this pic of her calling me on her banana phone, so naturally I tweeted back with the very fun but rarely seen these days, “party line”.

AC 10k 2016, PRs all around and feeling awesome in the rain.

Anyway, give me a call on the banana phone any time you want and I promise you this, I’ll always answer! (Unless we don’t have any bananas in the house and then it might be an onion or milk…)

What post-race photos do you find yourself doing time and time again? 

10 thoughts on “Your Banana Phone Is Ringing

  1. Okay, I’m SO excited to be on the BibRave Pro team with you because your banana phone habit is the coolest!!! I have a banana phone picture from back in my freshman year of college. It’s been long enough, I really should do a repeat picture 🙂

    My reoccurring race photo is usually a super cheesy “thumbs up”. When I don’t know what to do, it’s my go-to thing. Why? I don’t know. I should probably think of something cooler!

    • I highly encourage a repeat banana phone picture! Multiple! A plethora!

      Hey, I think that the thumbs up is totally cool! On par with the high five, even. I try to high five as often as possible but that’s not easy to get a pic of. 😉

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