Change Is Good. (And Scary.) (But Mostly Good.)

At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.


A big change is coming to my little family. After 13 years in our “starter” home we are planning a move. Naturally, because we are us, we’ve actually been talking about this move for years. Seriously, years.

Last summer my parents sold my childhood home (how DARE they?) and took up permanent residence down in sunny Florida (yep, that’s how they dared). However, before doing so they mentioned that they’d really love to snowbird with us, will miss our kids (maybe us too, I suppose), ectera, on and on and so forth… and it lit the fire under our butts. We took months prepping our home for sale.


Our sweet, cute, little home.

It’s where we came home to after our wedding. And had our first dog. And a few years later, brought our first baby home.


It’s where we’ve had many first days of school.


And an almost equal amount of last days of school.


I’ve learned how to cook here, in a heinous kitchen. And become an even better cook in a way better kitchen.



We learned about the trials and tribulations of home ownership in this home. We made questionable decorating choices (like painting our bedroom bright blue, for example) and then slightly better decorating choices along the way.


Our older son became a big brother in this house with the addition of our youngest son.


The boys became best friends here.




In this home I ran my first ever mile on my treadmill. Like, EVER. And many subsequent miles since.


I’ve been blessed by the amount of friends that have come to visit over the years and snuggle with me on my couch, whether it be for life celebrations, races they are running in the area, or just hanging out and going to the drive-in movies together.

We’ve had a lot of fun here. Some sad memories too, but mostly happy ones, filled with a lot of joy.





It’s been good to us these past 13 years. And change is hard. But we accepted an offer on our home after it had been on the market for just 2 weeks; there are new people who will live here in a few months and I hope it’s just as wonderful and memory-making for them.

We’re on the search for our new home at the moment and while it’s daunting, I’m remaining fairly zen about the entire process. I know that wherever we land it will be good, because we will be together.

What big moves have you made recently? How do you tap into your moment of zen? 

19 thoughts on “Change Is Good. (And Scary.) (But Mostly Good.)

  1. Oh, we went through this a few years ago! We bought the house when we were engaged and had 14 years and three kids there – it was hard to move on. But we love our new house and especially love the community – I’m convinced we are where we were meant to be! Good luck finding a new memory-making house!

    • Okay, so everything is going to be okay, right? I mean, I know that people move houses all the time but I haven’t moved since I went from my parents house to here and MAN, has a lot changed in that time. I think the unknown factor is what is unnerves me – where are we going to land? However, I have a good feeling that we’ll figure that out soon (we sort of have to!) so that will help a lot.

  2. Way to make me tear up, Mer.

    I know how hard saying goodbye is, even when it’s to places and not people. You gave that house a wonderful family. All houses should be so lucky!

    I can’t wait to visit you in your new pad <3

    • Thanks Bec! And I can’t wait for you to visit my new pad, wherever it may be. I’ll keep you posted, naturally. 😉

  3. This is a beautiful tribute to your first house! Moving is scary, but also so very awesome. And you have the benefit of knowing what you liked in your first house and knowing what you didn’t like, so you have a better idea of what to look for!

    But oh lord, the packing. Good luck!

    • Thank you Megan! We actually started packing already because we wanted to clear things out of our house while it was on the market. Of course, it’s in a storage unit so we’re still going to have to move it from point B to point C but at least it is already boxed up?

      But yeah, the packing. AGH!

  4. All good things. Change IS awesome! And that comes from someone who knows it well! Best of luck! And, because I’m biased, I think you should move closer to me. Just saying….

  5. Wow. I’m not the weepy type but I did get a bit teary on this one! Having picked up my life and moved 1300 miles away from everything and everyone I’ve ever known has truly been the best thing I’ve ever done. I don’t regret a minute of it and you won’t either. As they say, home is where the heart is. Good luck!

    • Thank you, Kimberley! I’m a little weepy about this myself even though I know that everything is going to be good and we’ll have lots of good stuff going on in the new place. This home has been really good to us! Moving so far must have been a big challenge for you and I’m so glad to hear that you don’t regret it one bit. That’s really important!

  6. I got emotional reading this, having just gone through it ourselves. Change IS hard. I cried the first time someone came to look at our home when it was for sale, and I cried when we drove away for the last time. Then I drove by the house a couple times a week for the next month. LOL
    But now that it’s been a few months, and we are counting down the days (only 37 days till our new house is done!!) I KNOW that we made the right decision. That our next home will be the one that new, wonderful memories will be made. And I never “hated” my last home. All good memories – and that’s a good thing!

    Congrats to you all!!

    xx Tyra

    • Thank you so much, Tyra! We were actually out looking at a house when you wrote this comment and I’m thinking that there has to be some good mojo going because we realllllly liked it. I can’t wait to see the finished product of your new home- I love following along! xo

  7. I’m so excited for you! And I loved this trip down memory lane! It’s been a great long haul old mint green house!

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