I Need a Disclaimer

Warning: This post includes gratuitous use of “bad”, or as I like to call it, “expressive” language.

Hi, I’m Cam, I have ADD.  I’m not being rude, I swear.  It’s just really, really hard for me to pay attention to you.  You will probably have to repeat yourself and I will probably not make eye contact for very long.  But I promise, I’m not an asshole.

What do you think?   I know, it’s a bit rough.  I’m still working on it.

As I continue on in this epically disorganized and frantic life I’ve created, I notice ADD poking its nose into my business at the weirdest times. Like when I miss out on important information because I’ve “tuned out.” My lack of focus and impulsive decision-making causes like 90% of all arguments with my gentleman caller, and my mom can’t stand that I wait until the last minute to do things. And my friends, they probably think I’m tied up in the trunk of a car because I’m constantly forgetting to text them back. Living with someone with adult ADD is a challenge. It’s a big cluster of miscommunication and misread signals. So much so, I’ve compiled a list to help my friends and family understand my behavior: Things people with ADD do that aren’t assholish in intention, I promise.

Also, making lists is a strategy I use for organization. I love making lists.

Adult ADDers might exhibit the following symptoms:

1. They make lists for everything. But inevitably they misplace said list or forget the list existed in the first place. This may lead to a second list, or even third list,  contributing to a never-ending cycle of lost and found incoherent notes scribbled on used envelopes and napkins.

They may buy more rainbow socks because they forgot they already had rainbow socks.

They may buy more rainbow socks because they forgot they already had rainbow socks.

2. They’re obsessive about organization. They may spend hours and hours meticulously organizing cabinets only to be thwarted by the desire to now, at this very moment, organize the dish towels. This is often accompanied by the irrational fear of “If I don’t do this now, I will never have another chance, ever.”


Warning: They may be hoarders. Who needs that many socks?


Which leads to..

3. They may have a skewed sense of priorities. Everything is the most important task in that moment.  This is a hard one for loved ones or colleagues and typically leads to the assholish labeling.

4. Speaking of labeling, they generally say things that are “inappropriate” or as I like to call them, “true.”

5. They frequently… I don’t remember what I was going to write here, honestly. I got sidetracked by my chick Jenn, here at the airport!

It keeps putting us sideways, I don't know why.

It keeps putting us sideways, I don’t know why.

6. And lastly, they just might write their blog post on a tablet in the airport because they were up all night making costumes for their race on Sunday. No minute like the last minute!

How do you stay focused and organized, internet world?

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