Do You Supplement?

I’ve been struggling to get back into my workout and diet routine.  The aftermath of the holiday free for all wreaked havoc on my routines.  Then I went back to work and immediately got sick.  Two months and one antibiotic later, I’m finally getting back to the gym.  Everything is heavier and I’m so much more fatigued during my workouts.  It seems like my muscles are taking longer to get back to normal and I’m just plain tired.  Additionally, I’ve felt pretty weighed down from my consistent diet of chips and salsa and margaritas.  So I went online to look for some stuff.  It’s overwhelming how many pills and adaptogen complex powders there are out there in supplement land.  I’ve used DoTerra products before and I’m assuming they’re pretty natural so this is what I chose:

That's a lot of pills, yo.

This is a ridiculous amount of pills and I’m taking them all day long.  And, well, they tend to get things moving, if you know what I mean.  And by get things moving, I mean bowel moving.  They’re definitely are cleaning me out.  But I don’t have any more energy and they’re so darn expensive.  There is a huge market for people like me who don’t really like things that are hard like eating vegetables and exercise.  I worry about the nutrients my body isn’t getting from my diet.  I try to keep it balanced, but let’s get real.  I have a job, grad school, kids…I don’t always have time for good choices.  And there is no way I can eat half my weight in protein every day.  Are supplements a legitimate way to get what I need?  Web MD had this interesting article.  And then there was this:

This is scary stuff, man.  I tend to live on the natural side of life.  But I have purchased every type of vitamin, drop, serum, powder, etc…there is trying to balance my desire for health with my desire for things like sleep and macaroni and cheese.

I have friends who swear by their supplements. They have this perfectly orchestrated concoction.  I just haven’t had that moment, I guess, where me and my supplements truly understand each other and become one with the universe.  What are your thoughts, scootadooters?  Are you and your supplements in a committed relationship?  Or is it all bologna?

3 thoughts on “Do You Supplement?

  1. I’m always skeptical of that kind of stuff. Unless I’m told by my dr., I would be nervous about using all that stuff. And, honestly, it seems much harder to keep up with all that than to just eat some veggies and protein!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. I do supplement with AdvoCare products. Do I take everything I intend to take every day? Surely not. But most days I do well, and I definitely feel more energized when I’m on my supplement game. My schedule is insane with classes that constantly run into meal times, work, working overtime, etc. At least I don’t have to worry (as much, because let’s get real…I’m me) when all I have is a yogurt for dinner.

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