Wear Luck Blogaversary Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, while watching Good Morning America on the treadmill, they featured the shirts of Wear Luck.

Immediately I was drawn to these because of the huge “I WILL” printed on the front of the shirt. The saying “I can and I will” has been my mantra since I started on my fitness journey four years ago; naturally these shirts called to me!

I wound up getting this one…


And while I was at it, I wound up getting this one for a lucky reader!

I will move more - eat less - be happier.

I will move more – eat less – be happier.

What do I love about these shirts? Um, everything! The fabric is very soft and it’s feels lovely. I don’t wear long sleeves often because I’m always warm. Unless I’m freezing. I don’t know, there’s no happy medium. Anywho…

These shirts are perfect because they are t-shirt material in a long sleeve shirt. Not see through, which is also a great plus!

The prize shirt is a large because I figure that if you’re smaller, it can run a little big or, if you’re built like me (aka: boobs), it will fit nicely. Plus an inspirational message is always appreciated! I’ve gotten many compliments on my shirt so I know that it speaks to others, as well as to ME.


So what do you have to do? Just click on the image below and enter via Rafflecopter. Cool? Cool.

Click here to enter!

Click here to enter!


This post is not sponsored by Wear Luck. Shirt is valued at $36 and has already been purchased in a size large. Winner must supply mailing address directly to Scoot a Doot blog in order to receive the shirt. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Check out the #winalltheprizes linkup at Running with SD Mom and Erica Finds.

43 thoughts on “Wear Luck Blogaversary Giveaway!

  1. Love this! My “I will” is “I will try my best!”. I use that one often… I’m only cheating myself if I dont try my best. And my best is different from others (no need to compare/compete!).

  2. Mine would say I Will Be Awesome. I think that sentence could apply to just about every area of my life. Family, work, running, etc.

  3. “I Will…rise!” In my head, though, I’m really thinking “I Will…own this shirt!” But, if I owned it, then that would be a moot point, so the first quote is probably better. Ok, so there you have it. Boom!

  4. This shirt is so perfect just the way it is. My custom would be just the same. Three things I need to do: I will move more, eat less, be happier. Why can’t I just do those three simple things? Thanks for the chance to win chicks!

  5. I will…march to the beat of my own bagpipes.

    (Inspired by my brother the drummer, who hates bagpipes but isn’t about to march to YOUR drum thanks.)

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