Let’s crunch some numbers, shall we?

Days until Christmas – 6

Shopping Days Until Christmas – 4. Or 5, but only if you are completely insane

Deadline for Christmas Eve Delivery with Amazon Free Shipping – 18 hours (but who’s counting)

Percentage of Christmas Presents Bec has purchased – Ummmm, maybe 50%

Percentage of Christmas Presents Bec has wrapped – Is 0 a percent?

Number of Christmas Cards Bec has sent – 0

Number of Christmas Cookies Bec has baked – 0

Number of Christmas Cookies Bec has eaten – Let’s not go there, hmmm.

Expected temperature in the Boston Area on Christmas Eve – 51 degrees (my face, you guys)

Amount of holiday spirit Bec has – 0 is definitely a percent.

Maybe it’s the short amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but basically, I’m feeling all of the rush, all of the pressure, all of the stress… and not much of the love.

I don’t like this! I usually LOVE Christmas, especially the big day of cookie baking, which I didn’t even plan this year. But my schedule has just been too crazy. The entire family has been sick on and off, work is a little crazy, the kids have swimming at various daily intervals and time is just flying by and now it’s LESS THAN A WEEK. What???

And it’s warm. Okay, it’s not warm, but for almost winter in New England, it’s WARM. It’s just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Am I the only one who just isn’t feeling it this year?  Have you had a holiday season like this?

The other day, Chick Jenn posted some awesome tips for a crazy busy holiday season, and I will totally be pulling those out the next time I have one of those packed holidays, at the very least, the Wassail.

But what about a holiday season that isn’t so much busy as it is just…meh. Any ideas for that? Here’s what I’m planning this weekend to help me get into the spirit!

Do Good

I challenged the kids at Thanksgiving to come up with a charity that they wanted to support this holiday season. They talked about it and agreed (MOM WIN) on Toys for Tots. So, we’ll be dropping off some toys at the fire station tomorrow. Do you have a special holiday charity that you do?

Get it Done

Come Sunday evening, the shopping, both food and gift, will be done. So it is written…  Seriously, I think having so little done is seriously crushing my holiday mojo.

Something Sweet

Even though we aren’t doing a big day of cookie baking, I will at least make a couple batches of my Great Grandmother’s Sugar and Spice cookies. They are my absolute favorite, and they taste like Christmas!

Remind Myself

My sure-fire cure for the holiday meh is Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. Since none of the family has anything going on tonight (!!!!), we’re going to cuddle on the couch and watch, and I’m going to let George Bailey remind me just how wonderful it is.

If you’re feeling the holiday meh, what are you doing to turn it around? And if you’re heavy on the holiday spirit, do you have any tips for Bec? 


2 thoughts on “Holidaze

  1. I have done zero shopping online, all of my presents are still in the boxes they were shipped in! I am going to have a wrapping day this weekend to hopefully get me into the spirit. Soemtimes I feel like I’m not into it leading up to Christmas but by the time it rolls around I love it again. It’s really hard to find that balance!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. How many Christmas cookies have you made now? BECAUSE I HAD THE WORST CHRISTMAS COOKIE EXPERIENCE and I never want to bake again. In my life.

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