Here is something you should know about me (how many times have I said this? I should make a post about me and this phrase): I get really excited about things. I’m either really excited about something, or it doesn’t interest me at all. I have no middle ground. And you’ll know when I’m excited because it goes something like this:

Person: (mentions something that I am into)

Me: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD (proceeds to talk about it for fifteen minutes while person eyes all available exits)

Or, alternately, via email or text:

Person: (mentions something that I am into)

Me: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD (proceeds to talk about it for 70 texts/30 paragraphs)

I force everyone I know into reading a book I love (most recently, Making Faces by Amy Harmon) or a show I’m obsessed with (The Fall. Oh my god, I am serious, this show is the. Best. EVER.) I bug them until I know they have started it. I demand regular updates. I want to have in-depth discussions about plot points and characters. I abuse caps lock more than Kanye West. When I latch on to something, I worry over it and obsess and think about it and, if I’m being honest, neglect everything else until my obsession runs its course. I know no other way of living. It’s intense, but it’s how I do.

Lately, my excitement cup has been runnething over. The other day, I was so amped up about so many different things that I was exhausted by midday. I wish I was joking. Sometimes, the only way to relieve myself of all of this excitement is to share it with people. And that, my people, is what I am doing today.

Right now.

Top things I am excited about.

It’s happening.

Buckle up.

Enjoy the ride.

1. The Disneyland Half MarathonNow I know I said in my last post that running is boring, and I stand by that because, despite your amazing tips, I still want to fling myself off the treadmill every time I’m on it. However! This is not just running. This is FOUR DAYS WITH TWO OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE! It’s Disneyland! It’s carbo-loading! I love carbs and Disneyland and favorite people! My excitement for this is off. The. Charts. Cannot. Handle.

2. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s concert. You guys. I am attending this very special show tonight and it’s unlikely that I will leave AT&T Park the same person. Mister Jess scored us 6th row tickets, which means that Queen Bey and I will likely be sharing the same air particles. I spent the entire day at work yesterday asking all of my co-workers if A) they were attending (answer: yes) and B) if they were emotionally and mentally prepared for this spectacle (answer: no). ME NEITHER.

3. Mark Ruffalo. Generally as a human being, I find him delightful. However, he had a most adorable kinda-run in with Paul Rudd at Comic Con that I still can’t watch without literally clawing at my face because I can’t deal with how adorable it is. You can watch the video at Popsugar.

I mean. Come on.

Gif credit: Popsugar

Gif credit: Popsugar

4.  Soccer. Yep. Still obsessed.  Mister Jess and I went to see Real Madrid (my favorite team) play Inter Milan. Despite the fact that they lost (womp), my favorite player wasn’t there (EXTRA WOMP, #14), and it was miserably hot trying to get into the stadium (can’t even talk about it), it was amazing seeing a professional game in person. The love affair STILL isn’t over, futbol.

That's a beaut.

That’s a beaut.

5. Baseball. We are an Oakland Athletics family. Actually, first and foremost we are a Cubs family, but the A’s are near and dear to our hearts, too. This year they are gunning for the World Series, and by god, they just might do it. The excitement in our home is PALPABLE, people. Expect to hear our screams of joy if when they win.

Also, baseball stadium food is delicious, which is the only reason I attend Giants games (I don’t say this to other locals, for fear of being shouted at/smacked). The view’s not too shabby, either.


6. The Fall. Seriously. Please watch it. Netflix. Do it. It’s amazing. Do it.

What are you currently excited about? Tell me so that maybe I can become obsessed with it, too. Clearly I don’t have enough on my list. 

17 thoughts on “I’M SO EXCITED, I’M SO EXCITED, I’M SO…

    • I haven’t?!?! This is rare, since you’re usually the first person I talk into things. It’s on Netflix – Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. SO CREEPY. SO GOOD. Five episodes. WATCH IT (but not around the kids.)

  1. I do the same. Very obsessed about one area in general. So right now I’m obsessed with quilting, a hobby I have put off for some time. I’m also obsessed with Legend of Korra. But I’m TRYING to balance all my OMG stuff so I can enjoy them all instead of what I usually do, get WAY WAY into one then my interest dies completely and I move onto something else.

  2. Like you, I tend to be hooked into the interwebs during the day so when I obsess, I obsess HARD. We’ve already talked about it a bit on the twitter but I’m currently consumed by Jamie Fraser and Outlander and I know you are too….ps. I started watching The Fall since you mentioned it and mmmm, now I love me another Jamie! Talk about creepysexyhot!

  3. Hahaha this is me to a T! I get so excited about things and take it to a whole other level. I think most people think I’m insane or on some kind of mood enhancing drug half the time because I’m running around happily talking about something new that I’m in love with all the time. So basically, know that you’re not alone and there are other super excited people out there too 🙂 PS I’m jealous of Disneyland!

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